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  1. Climbing My Family Tree Italian Genealogy Scholarship Essay 2015

    from the September 2015 issue

    I can travel into the past I reconstruct the lives of my ancestors and piece together the parts of me I didn't know existed I like to think I have super powers but truly I just have a knack for deciphering th century cursive handwriting Through researching my family history I understand where I come from and find the strength to make an impact in my own life I first got started with my time-traveling quest in th grade as a school project I asked my parents for information about their grandparents and cousins to create my first family tree...

  2. Collections Update: September 1, 2016 3.5 Million Newly Published Indexed Records!

    from the October 2016 issue

    Almost million indexed records have been published recently including a new Freedmen s Bureau collection and others from Australia New Zealand Netherlands England Spain France Paraguay and the United States Go to http media familysearch org collections-update-september- - for these and more historic records added at FamilySearch org Join their online indexing volunteers anytime and help make more of these exciting collections discoverable to more people Included in these records are United States World War II Draft Registration Cards These images were added to their existing collection of almost million images Searchable historic records are made available on FamilySearch org...

  3. Columbus Fact vs. Fiction

    from the October 2006 issue

    This article is a very brief version of a recent study that was prepared by the Order of The Sons of Italy in America Commission for Social Justice E Street NE Washington DC The study represents a more balanced look at Columbus s life The entire study is available on line at www osia org What Columbus Accomplished HISTORICAL Columbus proved that it was possible to safely cross the Atla ntic Ocean Columbus founded the first permanent European settlement in the Western Hemisphere Hispaniola now Haiti and the Dominican Republic Columbus was the first to open relations between Europe and...

  4. Coming in the Back Door (or When the Relatives Won't Cooperate)

    from the June 2005 issue

    I hope that you had a chance to get together with family for the various holidays over the last few months I also hope you were able to gain some family history details as an added benefit I have often wished I had a relative who was the family pack rat You know the type--the one who saved obituaries wedding announcements labeled old photos knew the family stories and who could point me to the other relatives We all have stories about hesitant relatives no matter whether it's your aunt or third cousin once removed You know--the relatives who won't...

  5. Common Italian Words Found in Genealogy Documents

    from the November 2014 issue

    Record Types Birth Certificate - atto di nascita certificato di nascita Census - censimento stato delle anime censuses stato d'anima parish census Church Records - registri parrocchiali parish registers Civil Register - stato civile Death Certificate - certificato di morte Family Register - stato di famiglia Marriage Record - acta de matrimonio marriage certificate registri matrimoniali marriage records Military - militareFamily Events Baptism -battesimo battezzare to baptize christen Birth - nascita nata born Burial - sepolture seppellimento sepolto a buried Confirmation - cresima Death - morte morire decesso deceased mor died Divorce - divorziata female divorziato male Marriage - matrimonio...

  6. Common Occupations from the 18th through the Early 20th Centuries

    from the December 2014 issue

    Bookbinding Manually binds the pages to a hard cover of a book Bookkeeper Works on financial data for a company or government office Bootblack Shines shoes Candle Maker Usually done at home by ladies Chauffeur In the ear ly year s drove a hor se drawn wagon Cigar Factory Rolling hand-made cigars Clerk Usually any type of office work In slang referred to as pencil-pusher This could also could indicate a religious cleric Coal Sells coal for heating and collects burnt coal Countryman Farmer or works in a rural area Dressmaker Makes par ts of dresses-collars sleeves etc or sews...

  7. Computer Corner

    from the April 2004 issue

    By now most of you have slew of names in your tree Perhaps you would like to know what some of them mean The answer can probably be found at http www -names com If you are looking for the meaning of old medical terms go to http www paul smith doctors org uk ArchaicMedicalTerms htm and use the alphabet at the left Historical Maps of Europe can be found at http www lib utexas edu maps historical history europe html and while you are there you can also find maps of other parts of the world One good feature...

  8. Computer Corner

    from the March 2004 issue

    If you go to http www rootsweb com isrwgw tools gentools html you can link to a variety of charts that can be helpful in organizing your research While you are there you can also do a global search of the Rootsweb World Connect database For more on downloadable charts go to http www ancestry com save charts census htm where you will find census forms group sheets and other helpful forms If you need information about a country that some of your ancestors came from take a look at http en wikipedia org wiki List of countries This might...

  9. Computer Corner

    from the February 2004 issue

    It's nice to get Email isn't it How about more than in a hour period That happened to me recently Sometimes there isn't much you can do about it but if you should notice a large batch starting to pour in here are a few suggestions to make it easier to handle First shut down the Email program promptly Next if you have cable or anything with an alwayson situation disconnect from the source Now you can open the Email program without more pouring in on you and that gives you time to work leisurely with the Message Rules found...

  10. Computer Corner

    from the June 2004 issue

    This will be my last effort at writing a monthly column However I am hoping to still have something to say every so often I have enjoyed doing the columns Of course there was always the problem of editors who seemed to think that it would be nice to have the material a day or two before the deadline - Note to Newbies not all italicized phrases are URLs please no Emails saying the site is not functioning or that I forgot the com And my sincere thanks to those who sent in some great sites to be considered I...

  11. Computer Corner

    from the March 2006 issue

    The website of the Italian Genealogy Group IGG opens the door to more than million records of value to genealogists Thanks to the work of volunteer John Martino and his tribe of indexers the records include a New York City Death Index - and a New York City Grooms Index - and an index to more than men and women who were naturalized by virtue of their service in the U S military in World War I II and the Korean War All were naturalized in the New York area Veteran discharges for Nassau and Suffolk counties - Projects recently...

  12. Computer Corner

    from the May 2006 issue

    Saving Passenger Lists Found this somewhere Here's how to save p a s s e n g e r l i s t manifests to your computer It's a little complicated From the Ellis Island database determine the name of the ship date of arrival and page number Then go to http stevemorse org index html and click on Ship Lists Type in the name of the ship That will bring up a list of ship arrival dates Write down the Series Roll and Frame Number Then click on the date you need This takes you to where you can...

  13. Computer Corner

    from the September 2006 issue

    Ancestry Databases Did you know that you can have some powerful input with regard to the databases at Ancestry Right now there are two important ways that this can be done One is to correct really bad spellings of names in the database The other and more important option is to add the maiden name of a wife who is shown in the census What a great way to find those married female siblings of your great grandfather who are hidden in the census under the husband's surname assuming the husband's family genealogist posts the info Of course the reverse...

  14. Computer Corner

    from the October 2006 issue

    Surname Searches Below is a link to search surnames in Campania h t t p c a m p a n i a indettaglio it eng m o t o r i c o g n o m i motore cognomi out html This one is the same for Basilicata http basilicata indettaglio it eng motori cognomi motore cognomi html...

  15. Computer Corner

    from the March 2007 issue

    Enjoy old Brooklyn photos try http wwwbrooklynpix com Surname Searches try www gens labo net and enter your surname in the cognomi field This will bring up a map of the name distribution Anthony DiMarino submits this web site with interesting educational links Anthony likes the music Try http www aiha-albany org Francesca Di Meglio is a freelance Italian American writer from Fort Lee New Jersey She covers soccer especially in Italy and writes for Business Week online and the woman s ma g a z i n e s Tr y h e r we b s i t...

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