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  1. Computer Corner

    from the November 2012 issue


  2. Computer Corner

    from the December 2012 issue

    More websites from Anthony DiMarino Tony Sasso and Joanne Heffernan On the home page of Pointless go to the right column then down to What's in a Name The meaning of names This is helpful to genealogists Scroll down to Directories half way down the page and start off with babynames com Although most of the site is not genealogy-related the one just mentioned is All the rest are of great interest You have to navigate through it to enjoy it You have to get around the advertising Go to http www thealmightyguru com Pointless Index html Here is another...

  3. Computer Corner

    from the January 2013 issue

    More websites from Anthony DiMarino and Tony Sasso This website shows actual footage of San Francisco Thankful for the preservation of this film that is over years old It shows how people lived in the old days in San Francisco which is a mirror of the rest of the big cities in America You will definitely enjoy this old time movie Go to http www wimp com santadad A new free e-book How to Search the Internet like a Genealogist provides hundreds of ideas and search queries that will help you quickly access valuable content about your family tree from...

  4. Computer Corner

    from the February 2013 issue

    More websites from Anthony DiMarino and Tony Sasso How times have changed in New York City Extraordinary color photographs reveal s life in the Big Apple in all its glory Go to http www dailymail co uk news article- New- York-City-photos-Charles-W-Cushman-reveal- s-life-Big-Apple html The Vatican has published a vast online catalogue of the Italian Catholic Church s artistic heritage The website contains almost million objects belonging to some of Italy s churches in dioceses The database will be subject regularl y updated Go to www chiesacattolica it beweb Priceless I think you will enjoy this whether you were from Brooklyn...

  5. Computer Corner

    from the March 2013 issue

    More websites from Anthony DiMarino Joann Heffernan and Tony Sasso The BillionGraves com website is now searchable on Ancestry com You can search only the BillionGraves com database by going to http search ancestry com search db aspx dbid The records can be searched for free and are accessible without any registration The GenealogyBank com online US newspaper archives team reports that they recently added more back issues and articles to more than newspapers from all US states The Denver Post has placed Captured America in Color photos from - online The photos are from slides found in the Library...

  6. Computer Corner

    from the April 2013 issue

    More websites from Anthony DiMarino Joann Heffernan and Tony Sasso The Denver Post has placed Captured America in Color photos from - online The photos are from slides found in the Library of Congress They're so clear and the color is so vibrant as though they were taken just yesterday This is how our America looked back in YOUR day When you were a kid Enjoy Go to ww w g al i l e a n - l i b r a r y o r g s i t e i n d ex p h p topic...

  7. Computer Corner

    from the May 2013 issue

    More websites from John Pierre Campitelli Philip Figario Tony Sasso and Joan LaPenar As part of Governor Andrew Cuomo's OPEN NY initiative open ny gov health data has been moved to a new and enhanced open data site One of the topics The Genealogical Research Death Index assists individuals with locating New York State death records that fall within defined genealogy years - exclusive of New York City recorded death records This Index contains information on decedents parents date of death gender age at death and NYS file number that will allow the public to search for individuals on a...

  8. Computer Corner

    from the June 2013 issue

    More websites from Joann Heffernan and Tony Sasso Here is a simple web site to see how many people have your surname or given name or both You can ignore the advertisements http www howmanyofme com This web site goes into depth on the Korean War Project It is a free database for finding or to help find POW MIA of Korean Veterans and also includes women who fought in the Korean War There are links for casualty lists POW camps army air force and marines Help for searching Korean War units a Master Index of Army Records maps a...

  9. Computer Corner

    from the October 2013 issue

    More websites from J o a n n H e f f e r n a n Marilyn Verna Anthony DiMarino Mario Toglia and Frank Progl Check out this website US District Court Newark New Jersey Naturalization Petitions and after Go to http www sampubco com nats nj usnewark-pet htm The first film about New York City in color is good It is a video of the casual life style at that time Also there is a link to London in which is similar to the N Y City video Go to N e w Y o r k C...

  10. Computer Corner

    from the November 2013 issue

    More websites from Anthony DiMarino Tony Sasso Joanne Heffernan and Pat Marmo Win a Trip to Italy Maggiano s Restaurant of Philadelphia s Little Italy is running a contest for a chance to win a free trip to Italy Submit your favorite original Italian recipe along with a story and photo of the dish for a chance to be featured on its menu Recipe submissions are September -January Go to their website for the details http www maggianos com en Pages Home aspx The Geography and Map Division of the Library of Congress holds more than million items of which...

  11. Computer Corner

    from the January 2014 issue

    More websites from Anthony DiMarino Tony Sasso Joanne Heffernan and Joe Abraham Green-Wood Cemetery of Brooklyn has reorganized their archival materials Now you can search their on-line Burial Search database of those interred at Green-Wood by name and date of burial If you need further assistance they now have a genealogist on staff to answer requests and conduct research He will also provide reproductions of documents and photograph gravestones A Burial Search on the website is free and there is a schedule of fees for the genealogist services Just go to http www green-wood com burial-search Unseen images from the...

  12. Computer Corner

    from the February 2014 issue

    Margaret Willis who has been searching for the availability of more online Italian Civil Registrations has discovered the website of the Director General of the Italian National Archives In Italy the National Archives fall under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Culture the Archives website is called the Ancestors Portal and it is printed in Italian but it can be converted to English or Spanish with the click of a button For the Ancestors Portal website go to http www antenati san beniculturali it This is a link through the Minister of Culture s website In his description of the...

  13. Computer Corner

    from the April 2014 issue

    More websites from Joann Heffernan Marilyn Verna Anthony DiMarino Nick Rossi Barbara Florio and Frank Progl Project Manager Business Analyst Joe A asks does Italy do censuses If so what years what is included and where can I obtain this information Go to http www linkedin com groups Italian-Genealogy- trk groups item detail-h-dsc goback Egde member for an interesting Italian genealogy blog on Linkedin Do you still have questions about dual citizenship Check out this website https www uscitizenship info citizenship-lib-dual htm Calvary Cemetery in Woodside NY has upped the ante for the first name on an interment list search...

  14. Computer Corner

    from the May 2014 issue

    More websites from Marilyn Verna Anthony DiMarino Barbara Florio and Frank Progl The Province of Palermo consists of cities with a remarkable history cultural or naturalistic importance They maintain a nice website Click on a village city and you can see several pictures of it by clicking on photos in the box They also have a link for genealogy records http www palermo-sicilia it english index cfm Wow History in Minutes This is amazing Hold onto your seat don't blink your eyes for a second Seventeen year old Joe Bush got a high school assignment to make a video reproduction...

  15. Computer Corner

    from the September 2014 issue

    Lower East Side Street Necrology The Lower East Side of Manhattan known in story and song as a teeming bustling magnet for immigrants in the h and th centuries actually has a long and varied history The tenement as in other parts of New York City was the dominant form of housing with hundreds of people occupying the same building in some cases To learn more about that history go to http forgottenny com lower-east-side-necrology Show my Street Much faster than Google Earth Now this might scare you it's unbelievable technology Is there nowhere to hide After opening the link...

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