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  1. Cooking? Cleaning? I'd Rather Do Genealogy!

    from the March 2011 issue

    They think that I should cook and clean and be a model wife I tell them it's more interesting to study Grandpa's life They simply do not understand why I hate to go to bed I'd rather do two hundred years of research work instead Why waste the time we have on earth just snoring and asleep When we can learn of ancestors that sailed upon the deep There are priests Rabbis lawmen soldiers more than just a few And yes there's many scoundrels and a bootlegger or two How can a person find this life an awful drudge or...

  2. Correspondence

    from the February 2009 issue

    Enclosed is an article from our local paper about some former Italian POWs return visit to Florence Arizona in where they spend some time during WWII I live in the mobile home park that was built on the land that was once the POW camp In fact my aunt who was teaching in Tempe Arizona bought one of the first lots in I come down here from Illinois each winter and am a member of the history committee in the park Our group is hoping that we can contact some the families of those men in the picture to see...

  3. Cousins Connect

    from the November 2012 issue


  4. Create a Book!

    from the February 2010 issue

    This past Christmas my daughter Gina surprised the family with gift books commemorating our recent trip to Italy The trip was designed to spend quality time visiting Castellana-Grotte in Puglia and meeting for the first time our family still living there My daughter also hoped to visit Calitri in Avellino the birthplace of all her paternal great-grandparents She was able to accomplish all this despite being a very busy person by using Picaboo to write and illustrate the books The website is picaboo com and requires a small software upload Your pictures can be dragged right in and text added...

  5. Cristina Imparato

    from the January 2010 issue

    Pascal James Imperato and his son Gavin H Imperato both doctors and educators have published an original paper on the medical inspection of immigrants arriving in the US Both acknowledge the first telling of Cristina Imparato s story by their late father and grandfather James A Imperato and all the information that was provided over the years by his brothers and sisters The title of the paper is The Medical Exclusion of an Immigrant to the United States of America in the Early Twentieth Century - The Case of Cristina Imparato The paper was published in a public health journal...

  6. Cristoforo Colombo - An Icon of Italian Heritage

    from the October 2005 issue

    Cristoforo Colombo Christopher Columbus was born between August and October in the Italian port of Genoa His father was Domenico Colombo a woolens merchant and his mother was Susanna Fontanarossa Cristoforo had These documents added to Colombo's knowledge of the seas in the old world Colombo had one son by Felipa Diego Colon After his wife's death Colombo had a life long friend Beatriz Erriguez They had a son Ferdinand who along with Diego served a page of Prince Juan of Portugal Colombo believed the earth was a sphere and that a ship could reach the Far East sailing a...

  7. Culinary Review Eataly

    from the March 2011 issue

    Are you looking for an Italian culinary experience Then head for Eataly located at Fifth Avenue between rd and th streets in Manhattan - - Eataly com Eataly has established itself as a culinary center complete with a school with classes where the famous TV chef Lidia acts as dean There is a library and there are book signings by famous chefs as well as places to shop and eat The center includes the following areas gelato coffee and pastries candies and cakes fresh produce wines and beers oils and imported products cheese a mozzarella station bread making focaccia and...

  8. Curriculum Vitae:

    from the March 2009 issue

    Synopsis of Family History We who are obsessed with the interminable quest to find undiscovered and partially-discovered relatives have all encountered diverse obstacles which create new questions Uncle Carlo and family were found on the New Jersey state census in yet he died at his home in Manhattan in Jan Where were his last three children born Or when did Zia Peppina move to California Why is she not buried with her husband and why is there a death certificate for her but not for him As we glean dates and places we begin to develop a sense of the...

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