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  1. Computer Corner

    from the February 2014 issue

    Margaret Willis who has been searching for the availability of more online Italian Civil Registrations has discovered the website of the Director General of the Italian National Archives In Italy the National Archives fall under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Culture the Archives website is called the Ancestors Portal and it is printed in Italian but it can be converted to English or Spanish with the click of a button For the Ancestors Portal website go to http www antenati san beniculturali it This is a link through the Minister of Culture s website In his description of the...

  2. Computer Corner

    from the April 2014 issue

    More websites from Joann Heffernan Marilyn Verna Anthony DiMarino Nick Rossi Barbara Florio and Frank Progl Project Manager Business Analyst Joe A asks does Italy do censuses If so what years what is included and where can I obtain this information Go to http www linkedin com groups Italian-Genealogy- trk groups item detail-h-dsc goback Egde member for an interesting Italian genealogy blog on Linkedin Do you still have questions about dual citizenship Check out this website https www uscitizenship info citizenship-lib-dual htm Calvary Cemetery in Woodside NY has upped the ante for the first name on an interment list search...

  3. Computer Corner

    from the May 2014 issue

    More websites from Marilyn Verna Anthony DiMarino Barbara Florio and Frank Progl The Province of Palermo consists of cities with a remarkable history cultural or naturalistic importance They maintain a nice website Click on a village city and you can see several pictures of it by clicking on photos in the box They also have a link for genealogy records http www palermo-sicilia it english index cfm Wow History in Minutes This is amazing Hold onto your seat don't blink your eyes for a second Seventeen year old Joe Bush got a high school assignment to make a video reproduction...

  4. Computer Corner

    from the September 2014 issue

    Lower East Side Street Necrology The Lower East Side of Manhattan known in story and song as a teeming bustling magnet for immigrants in the h and th centuries actually has a long and varied history The tenement as in other parts of New York City was the dominant form of housing with hundreds of people occupying the same building in some cases To learn more about that history go to http forgottenny com lower-east-side-necrology Show my Street Much faster than Google Earth Now this might scare you it's unbelievable technology Is there nowhere to hide After opening the link...

  5. Computer Corner

    from the December 2014 issue

    Here are more websites from Barbara Florio Marilyn Verna Anthony DiMarino and Phil Figario We have listed this site before however Michael Poveromo says Once you learn to use this site it is great You can find actual documents Go to http antenati san benicultural it q gallery The UK National Archives has a range of online tutorials on Latin and palaeography that will help you to read documents from the medieval period and beyond through practical activities and useful examples They also provide a currency converter so you can compare old money with new Discover how to read Latin...

  6. Computer Corner

    from the January 2015 issue

    More websites from Tony Sasso Bob Johnson Anthony DiMarino and Joanne Heffernan FamilySearch now publishes an index of the Find A Grave website Find A Grave is an expansive family history database of records and images from the world's cemeteries This collection provides limited indexed data only for a much richer user experience including access to photographs portraits biographies and stories You can follow the link on the record and visit findagrave com Go to https familysearch org search collection Vietnam War Casualties Listed by Home of Record For all of the men and women who fought in the Vietnam...

  7. Computer Corner

    from the February 2015 issue

    Learn to use Google to conduct special searches in Google Image Google Book Google Scholar and much more Let Google find and translate foreign language websites In the Google sear ch page change your preferences under the gear menu in the upper right corner to include non-English language sites among your results and click save preferences Then go to the Google Translation Tool web site to download a button for your browser that translates thirty-four languages to English at the touch of a button Search Google Books to find text from out-of -print books Google is digitizing millions of books...

  8. Computer Corner

    from the May 2015 issue

    More websites from Phil Figario Angela Whitney Frank Progl and Joanne Heffernan Looking for the lost Garabaldini They were Italy's largest ever volunteer army The Achivo Di Stato Di Torino is on track of the forgotten Garibaldini Visit its website at to search their files of approximately Garabaldini Angela Whitney and her son Luke have found an interesting site for researching genealogy The Veritas site has good basic research information and many helpful links Try it New York Genealogy lists over worthwhile record sources for doing genealogy in New York All records are organized by county town and record type...

  9. Computer Corner

    from the September 2015 issue

    Computer Corner More websites from Tony Sasso Pat Marmo and Joanne Heffernan The California Digital Newspaper Collection contains over issues comprising over pages and over articles It is free to search and consists of newspapers from to the present day The collection is a project of the Center for Bibliographical Studies and Research CBSR at the University of California Riverside Search the California Digital Newspaper Collection at http cdnc ucr edu cgi-bin cdnc This site is the home to something rather Genealogy Sites to Search Today Go to http familyhistorydaily com genealogy-resources - free-genealogy-sites...

  10. Computer Corner

    from the November 2015 issue

    The popular printed FamilySearch Library Research Outlines aka Research Guide or Guidelines were taken out of print in Joanne Heffernan reports that these Research Outlines Blue Binders are now online at the BYU Family History Library part of the Harold B Lee Library The outlines contain the same information as the printed blue binders in the reference area at the BYU FHL Go to http sites lib byu edu familyhistory research outlines then scroll down the list of Continents Countries where Research Outlines are available and click on the link Italy You can download your own copy for free A...

  11. Computer Corner

    from the December 2015 issue

    More websites from Tony Sasso Bob Johnson and Joanne Heffernan What was the Song on the day you where born COOL Enter a date and the song for that date will magically appear here Go to http playback fm birthday-song Names Etymology When people refer to the meaning of a name they are most likely referring to the etymology which is the original literal meaning This website looks at the etymology and history of all types of given names Behind the Name for Italian Names go to http www behindthename com names usage italian You can change the nationality in...

  12. Computer Corner

    from the January 2016 issue

    Looking for a list of free genealogy sites to search Here are the first of no-cost family history resources posted by Family History Daily where you will find birth marriage and death records obituaries cemetery listings newspaper articles biographies research tips and so much more For the full list go to familyhistorydaily com FamilySearch largest collection of free genealogical records in the world WikiTree enormous collaborative family tree Fulton History historical newspapers from the US and Canada Find a Grave locate your ancestors in cemeteries across the globe Google News Archive millions of archived newspaper pages US National Archives official...

  13. Computer Corner

    from the February 2016 issue

    More websites from the German Genealogy Group newsletter PRISON RECORDS - This website of the New York State Department of Corrections can be searched for anyone confined in state prison since the early s except youthful offenders those who have had their convictions set aside by a court and certain previously incarcerated non-violent offenders who are covered by a special provision codified in Correction Law which took effect in Except for data such as youthful offender records that are specifically made confidential under Criminal Procedure Law all conviction sentence and other information about offenders currently and previously incarcerated with the...

  14. Computer Corner

    from the June 2016 issue

    As a follow-up to our previous reports on Alien Registrations Armand Tarantelli has submitted a Wikipedia report entitled the Internment of Italian Americans The report refers to the government s internment of Italian nationals in the United States during World War II similar to that of the internment of Japanese Americans and internment of German Americans At the outbreak of World War II all persons born in Italy living in the United States whether US citizens lawful full-time or part-time residents or as members of the diplomatic and business community where considered by law enemy aliens In there were Italian...

  15. Computer Corner

    from the April 2016 issue

    Check-out a master class of Italian gestures at Babbel com Go to Chronicling America Historic American Newspapers archive has digitized copies of Il Progresso the Italian American newspaper published in New York - Over pages are available Go to From Wikipedia the free encyclopedia comes a international list of online newspaper archives and some magazines and journals including both free and paywall blocked digital archives For the Italian publications go to...

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