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  1. Dealing with Language Problems

    from the April 2011 issue

    While it s hugely fascinating to dig back through old records to make the connections in your family tree there s nothing more frustrating that hitting the snag of language Unless the native languages of your ancestors trickled down to you you ll be at a loss when you start to pull up old letters or journals written by your ancestors Even official documents from the old country would likely be written in a language other than English stopping your search dead in its tracks if you can t come up with a way to get the information you need...

  2. Death Certificates

    from the November 2011 issue

    Do you ever think twice about the information contained in a birth or death certificate I didn t until I began to find discrepancies I knew that my grandmother passed away while napping on her couch in Wayland Massachusetts Her death certificate stated that she died in Newton Massachusetts By asking questions I learned that her official place of death was Newton since her death was officially determined there When I requested the death certificate of a distant relative I found her date of death was listed as July On a subsequent research trip to that area I examined the...

  3. Death Resources

    from the April 2012 issue

    Tina Sansone BellaOnline s Genealogy Editor says the death date is one of the vital things we need as we research our ancestors We know once they have died any other documentation will be limited on them after that date That is why resources like death certificates and the Social Security Death Index are vital to our research Where can we find our ancestor s death date The first place many of us see it is a death certificate we have ordered or that is handed down through our family lines Family bibles or journals may have the date documented...

  4. Deciphering Italian Handwriting - Examples and Strategies

    from the February 2005 issue

    June DeLalio lead the audience through some of the problems that they may have encountered in trying to read Italian documents She explained that Italians have been taught to write their letters quite differently than we have although nowadays it's much closer to our writing system She mentioned that certain letters give you the most headaches such as the lower-case a and o As these are at the end of almost all feminine and masculine names if you can't make out which letter it is you may not know if you are looking at a record for a female or...

  5. Denver, Colorado

    from the May 2007 issue

    The Italian Immigrants of Denver Colorado Willian S Gimello Italian immigrants began to arrived in Colorado in The major settlement was in Denver They became miners farmers railroad workers and business men By Italians represented of Colorado s total population The Colorado Historical Society in recognition of these immigrants has unveiled an exhibit The Italians of Denver from April -July Italian Americans collected family and business artifacts photographs and oral histories of their ancestors Admission is for adults for students and seniors and for children - Visit www coloradohistory org or call - - I hope our members in or...

  6. Did Your Ancestors Come Through Ellis Island? Here's How to Find Out

    from the January 2016 issue

    The Ellis Island records website has long been a great place to find free ancestry information Providing instant access to more than million immigration records it s a vital resource for anyone with immigrant ancestry from the late th and early th centuries Last year Ellis Island revealed a brand new website including a revamped and improved family history records section In fact all of the Statue of Liberty webpages including the Ellis Island records search the Wall of Honor and the Flag of Faces are all included in one clean new design The layout is much easier to navigate...

  7. Digital Cameras & Genealogy

    from the September 2012 issue


  8. Discovering That I Was Italian

    from the May 2014 issue

    I don t remember thinking too much about my family history while growing up in West Islip New York I know that my family moved to West Islip from the South Ozone Park area of Queens in when I was years old I can barely remember my paternal grandfather Frank LaNoce as he died in when I was years old One of the only memories I have of him was when he would tease us kids by making his false teeth pop out of his mouth His wife Lillian died around years later so I have more memories of her...

  9. Distant but Loyal, Book Review

    from the May 2009 issue


  10. DNA Time Traveler

    from the March 2006 issue

    Starting With the Answer Becoming a DNA time traveler R Aaron Underwood Typical genealogy research involves pushing back your ancestry lines generation by generation to discover your ancestors How would it change your research approach if you started with the answer - if you knew who from the early 's you descended from for example but didn't know the details of how If that sounds like fun to you and you have - burning a hole in your pocket read on Researching my genealogy is a hobby I've always done for fun I like history and there's something about understanding...

  11. Documents of the Sons of Italy

    from the November 2005 issue

    Many of our fathers and grandfathers were members of the Sons of Italy as early as Historic documents are available from the OSIA archives The documents include original charters of the lodges membership lists and pictures of members of many lodges If you want a specific document write to the Immigration Center IHRC Anderson Library - Avenue S West Bank Campus University of Minnesota Minneapolis Minnesota If your research requires one hour of work enclose a check of payable to the IHRC University of Minnesota and enclose a self-addressed envelope with cents postage If you would like a Guide to...

  12. Don't Overlook The Sopranome

    from the May 2015 issue

    A sopranome is a nickname used to distinguish family groups of the same surname in small communities An example might be that there are five Giovanni Battista Rizzi males of similar age living in the same small village The sopranome helps everyone understand who's who A sopranome may describe physical characteristics of an ancestor grosso magra etc what the family did for work falce pane scarpe etc where the family lived sasso dosso bosco etc or unusual facts about the family sacro mamone etc Sopranomi often actually became surnames when you go back to very early records An th century...

  13. Don't Take Anything for Granted

    from the February 2006 issue

    I did not know what city or town my Polish ancestors came from whe n I discovered that church death records were available for my greatgrandmother's brother I hesitated because I already knew his death date and birth date and that he had never married or had children It seemed I really wouldn't learn much because I had never seen a church death record that recorded the place of birth I was wrong This church had recorded his town of birth which meant I was able to trace the entire family back to Poland The moral of the story--don't take...

  14. Doors in Your Brick Walls

    from the April 2009 issue

    Alexander Graham Bell once said When one door closes another opens but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us When we run into those brick walls we often stumble upon in family history sometimes we re so busy staring at that one closed door that we overlook a bunch of open doors Let s take a look Unmarried Siblings Married siblings with children represent the potential to connect with cousins but sometimes the focus on our direct ancestor and siblings causes us to...

  15. Doors of Memory / Porte della Memoria

    from the February 2016 issue

    A book by Eleanor M Imperato This bilingual book written by Eleanor M Imperato is the wife of Dr Pascal James Imperato a long time IGG member an Italian family history researcher and a regular newsletter contributor Doors of Memory Porte della Memoria is a memoir in prose and poetry of Imperato s early years and subsequent visits to her birthplace Avella Italy A brief overview of Avella s history is also included Richly illustrated with the photographs on exhibit the book contains additional photographs of doors as well as many views of the town and its iconic sites The...

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