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  1. Dr. Stephen P. Morse

    from the December 2007 issue

    Marie Pastore introduced Dr Stephen P Morse of the One-Step Website which simplifies using the Ellis Island database Dr Morse presented a very detailed chronological history of his One-Step Website Dr Morse s presentation was entitled Searching the Ellis Island Database and the US Census with fewer tears Blue White Grey or Gold What color Ellis Island Search Form should I use On April the Ellis Island Database was placed online Dr Morse began searching for records of his Polish-Jewish ancestors who had Americanized their names You were able to search the EI database by several parameters name and gender...

  2. Dual Citizenship

    from the September 2012 issue


  3. Dunmore Revisited

    from the September 2014 issue

    As I approached Dunmore PA for my second trip to my father s birthplace I was anxious to visit some new sites connected with the Genovese family beginnings in this town This time my wife Kathleen was with me I had been there a few months ago to initiate genealogical research with my friend and author Mario Toglia who also hails from Long Island NY It was my hope that this second visitation would expand my previous knowledge of family events and stories in this coal-mining town I came with a set of facts some known and some still unsubstantiated...

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