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  1. E-News from the National Archives at New York City

    from the December 2016 issue

    December th- Finding Family Ask the Experts Join us on Tuesday December th for our free work workshop Ask the Experts Come ask Connie Potter retired NARA archivist and genealogist Roger Joslyn and Leslie Corn both Certified and Forensic Genealogists questions about navigating your genealogical research journey The panel will also provide examples and tips to aid your research This program will be held from Noon to pm in our rd floor Learning Center Our Finding Family Genealogy Series is offered every fall September through December and spring March through June The series of workshops are free and open to...

  2. Earthquake in Central Italy

    from the September 2016 issue

    At our September and October meetings the IGG will begin collecting donations for the victims of the earthquake that occurred in the mountains of Cen-tral Italy on August If any of our readers wishes to mail a donation to our PO Box they should be sure to note that the donation is marked for Central Italy Relief...

  3. Earthquake in Central Italy

    from the October 2016 issue

    At our October meetings the IGG will continue collecting donations for the victims of the earthquake that occurred in the mountains of Central Italy on August If any of our readers wishes to mail a donation to our PO Box they should be sure to note that the donation is marked for Central Italy Relief...

  4. Earthquake in Central Italy

    from the November 2016 issue

    At our November meeting the IGG will continue collecting donations for the victims of the earthquake that occurred in the mountains of Central Italy on August November will be the last month for the collection If you wish to mail a donation to our PO Box be sure that the donation is marked for Central Italy Relief...

  5. Easter in Italy

    from the April 2006 issue

    Easter Sunday and Easter Monday Pasquetta are both public holidays in Italy Holy Week La Settimana the week leading to Easter Sunday is filled with religious ceremonies Easter traditions vary in different areas of Italy The most dramatic events commemorating the death and resurrection of Christ take place in the south of Italy and Sicily Via Crucis processions retracing Christ's forced march with his cross are accompanied by elaborate structures representing Christ's passion and death These structures such as the Barette or Varette are found in the City of Messina Sicily including the Aeolian Islands The oldest such tradition takes...

  6. Election of Officers

    from the May 2010 issue

    ominated Officers for - Co-Presidents Nick Rossi Marie Pastore VP Programs Angela LaGiglia Barbara Florio VP Publicity Angela LaGiglia Ann Holland VP Public Relations Anthony DiBartolo VP Special Projects John Martino Treasurer Arthur Filete Recording Secretary Joseph Battagliese Corresponding Secretary Violet Sardo Voting will be held at the June th meeting Open nominations from the floor will be entertained ominating Committee Barbara Florio and William Gimello...

  7. Election of Officers

    from the May 2011 issue

    ominated Officers for - Co-Presidents Anthony DiBartolo Angela LaGiglia VP Programs Barbara Florio VP Public Relations Anthony DiBartolo VP Publicity Ann Holland VP Special Projects John Martino Recording Secretary Joseph Battagliese Corresponding Sec Marilyn Verna Treasurer Open As of the printing of this newsletter no one has volunteered to assume the office of treasurer Without volunteers stepping up to the plate our group can not exist We need a person with computer experience and knowledge of the Quicken program Please call Bill Gimello at - - or Angela LaGiglia at - - Voting will be taken at the June th...

  8. Ellis Island Name Changes

    from the March 2008 issue

    The Myth of Ellis Island N ame Changes I was involved with a series of e-mail exchanges recently with a reader of this newsletter He claimed that his ancestor had her name changed at Ellis Island I pointed out that such a change was unlikely despite all the claims we hear of such name changes The ensuing e-mail exchange got me thinking that perhaps others have the same misconceptions that the family name was changed at Ellis Island I decided to amplify a bit on the subject in this newsletter Immigrants surnames were changed thousands of times but professional researchers...

  9. Ellis Island

    from the September 2005 issue

    This brief Ellis Island history has been submitted by Anthony DiMarino Ellis Island is a complex of one natural and two artificial islands joined by causeways in Upper New York Bay northeastern New Jersey and southeastern New York The complex belongs to the U S government From to it was the headquarters of a U S immigration and naturalization district The original island was called Oyster Island by the early Dutch colonists it was later known as Gibbet Island after a pirate was hanged there in Samuel Ellis a merchant of New York City bought the island in the th...

  10. Ellis Island expands its story of US immigration history

    from the June 2015 issue

    AP -- Not all of the stories at Ellis Island's immigration museum are about someone's great-grandfather arriving as a boy from Europe at the start of the th century With the unveiling of a new exhibition Ellis Island is telling stories of immigrants who have come as recently as the start of this century decades after the last arrival was processed through its doors Combined with a section that opened in looking at immigration to America pre-Ellis Island the museum is taking on a broader mission of showcasing the country's entire migration history not just the time it was open...

  11. Ellis Island Re-Launches

    from the March 2005 issue

    Ellis Island Re-Launches Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak Many of you are familiar with The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation's SLEIF site www ellisisland org and recall the excitement when it first launched in April Since then the Ellis Island database EIDB has received a whopping billion hits so we're obviously making heavy use of it But like good twenty- first-century citizens we've already come to take this tremendous resource for granted Sure you were finally able to find grandpa's passenger arrival record during a pajama-time surfing session but what has the Foundation done for you lately New and Improved In celebration...

  12. Establishing a Timeline In Six Steps

    from the September 2013 issue

    Solving family mysteries and understanding family dynamics fuels my genealogical research Establishing a timeline helps create an accurate depiction of an ancestor s past but also represents an obstacle we all encounter I am a second generation Canadian-Italian and discovering the whereabouts of Pietro Perri my Calabrian grandfather for a two-month period in eluded me for years This article outlines the six steps that solved this family mystery Start With What You Know I was alive when my grandfather died on July in Sault Ste Marie Ontario Canada and could therefore validate the last date in his timeline My late...

  13. Estimating Effectively

    from the November 2006 issue

    Estimating We do it all the time sometimes without even realizing it We may estimate how much money we'll need for groceries how long it will take to reach a destination add an hour during construction season or how much extra yard work we'll have to do to work off that piece of carrot cake we ate at last week's conference We do it with our family history too Last week we touched briefly on using estimates in the article on targeted searches and this week I thought it would be a good idea to take a closer look at...

  14. Everyone Counts

    from the February 2012 issue

    Using the Census in Genealogy Research You should always start your g e n e a l o g y r e s e a r c h b y interviewing your r e l a t i v e s Carefully record all of the names dates and places that they tell you Don t worry if Uncle Joe and Aunt Joan have a different story about where Grandma was born Write it all down With that step complete it is time to start looking into the United States Federal Census Census takers assiduously attempt to include all Americans...

  15. Everyone Has A Story

    from the February 2014 issue

    As the respondent to questions posed on the IGG website I meet many people with interesting stories this is one from Ron DelBene Ron donated the book Italian- American Who's Who I asked him how he started his family research and this was his reply as written by him One story about how I got started in this genealogy story-search resulting in our family being recognized as Italian citizens and therefore all having dual citizenship and all because our son was in school and working in Verscio Ticino Switzerland and wanted to get a work permit A lawyer he was...

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