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  1. Fifty Questions For Family History Interviews

    from the January 2016 issue

    Many folks are taking advantage of the FamilySearch initiative Meet My Grandma The initiative focuses on writing about memories of her typically from the memory and experience of the writer It is a wonderful exercise that benefits not only the writer but the family and friends of grandma We should also write more in-depth histories about our ancestors Hopefully we capture their memories knowledge sense of humor and sense of reality from their perspective A great way to uncover clues to your family history or to get great quotes for journaling in a heritage scrapbook is a family interview By...

  2. Find the Italian Town

    from the October 2012 issue


  3. FindAGrave Volunteer Accidentally Damages Tombstones

    from the December 2014 issue

    The Olive Tree Genealogy Blog by Lorine McGinnis Schulze One of Tennessee's oldest church cemeteries had several tombstones permanently damaged recently A FindAGrave volunteer is suspected of damaging several historic graves with a wire brush at the New Providence Presbyterian Church on Stoney Point Road in Surgoinsville When questioned the man told police he wanted to get a better photo of the inscriptions on the tombstones for people who had requested photos After scrubbing the stones and taking his photos he uploaded them to the FindAGrave website The dark stain that builds up on tombstones over time was scrubbed clean...

  4. Finding a Child When the Name, Birth and Death Date are Unknown

    from the April 2016 issue

    Information known The Family story says that the first three children born to Giro Cioffi and Luisa Villano Cioffi between and were boys The family lived in the Upper East Side of New York City This section at that time called Italian or East Harlem Research Step Check the US federal census for the actual address of the family The census was the first listing of the family The census information showed that the couple was married about which agrees with the family story I assumed that the family was Roman Catholic so I called the RC Diocese of New...

  5. Finding Italian Records

    from the May 2012 issue

    Objective Find Italian records on my great grand parents Information Known Family came from southern Italy My paternal grandmother lived in Brooklyn NY until her death in Her first name is Julia maiden name unknown Step Since I knew the year of her passing I could go to the NYC Archives to search for vital records At the NYC Archives I found her married name of Julia Lauriano on the Archives index file It indicated she lived at th Ave Brooklyn NYC and died on May a t a g e a n d g a v e h e...

  6. Finding Maiden or Married Names

    from the June 2005 issue

    I was browsing through the new French- Canadian Sources book from Ancestry the other day and I stumbled on an interesting fact Women in French society do not lose their maiden names They are called by their married names socially but in all official civil and church records they are known by their maiden name The identity of their spouse may be mentioned but not necessarily This usually carries over to their tombstones p I suddenly wished I had more French ancestors Seriously though locating our female relatives can be a challenge We frequently run into situations where we need...

  7. Finding Ship's Manifest

    from the January 2012 issue

    The jewel of family history documents for many of us is the actual Ship s Manifest listing our family member s arrival in America The manifest is usually the first recorded history of our family in America From the US census we can learned the year our family members first came to America Keep in mind however that the and census reports might indicate different arrival years Sometimes our ancestors forgot the actual year My maternal grandfather listed the year of arrival as and on three successive census reports A three year time frame is close enough to help to...

  8. Finding the Cemetery Where a Great-Grandmother is buried

    from the January 2014 issue

    The only information the family has is The lady's married name - Maria Benevento She died about or thereabout Somewhere in the Northeast USA Steps to start the research You can use the website ancestry com this is a pay website that has some cemetery listings or you can try the free cemetery websites to see if the name has been recorded by volunteers findagrave com billiongraves com internment net I decided to try the free websites first Maria s name not listed on internment net or billiongraves com The name Maria Benevento was listed on findagrave com with the...

  9. Finding the Cemetery Where Great - Grandmother is Buried

    from the May 2014 issue

    The only information the family has is as follows - The lady's married name - Maria Benevento - She died about or thereabout - Somewhere in the Northeast USA Steps to start the research - use the website ancestry com This is a paid website that has some cemetery listings or - try the free cemetery websites to see if the name is recorded by volunteers - findagrave com - billiongraves com - internment net I decided to try the free websites first - Name not listed on internment net or billiongraves com - The name Maria Benevento was listed...

  10. Finding Your Relatives in Italy

    from the March 2012 issue

    It all started out a few years ago when I learned of the Italian Genealogical Group in Bethpage and attended my first meeting as a guest From the moment I came into the meeting I was very w a r m l y g r e e t e d b y t h e members It was then that I knew this is an organization I wanted to be a part of The meeting started with an introduction of guests and new members who were asked the family name they are researching and what town they are from At...

  11. Finding Your Roots Season 3 to Premiere Jan. 5 on PBS

    from the January 2016 issue

    There's finally a premiere date for the third season of PBS' Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates Jr Jan The show has been on hiatus after an internal review concluded that actor Ben Affleck had improper influence over producers' decision to omit a reference to Affleck's slave owning ancestor in the episode featuring his family history According to the Hollywood Reporter the show added an additional researcher fact-checker another genealogist and an expert in genetic genealogy Producers also instituted a more-rigorous process of obtaining releases from the celebrity guests whose ancestries are featured The lineup will include television producer...

  12. Findmypast Launches Catholic Heritage Archive

    from the March 2017 issue

    Findmypast has announced immediate availability of millions of exclusive Catholic records published online with more coming soon The records are from the United States Britain and Ireland The records are new additions to the ambitious United States Marriages project The release marks significant expansion of Findmypast s US data collection the creation of the Roman Catholic Heritage Archive is a ground breaking initiative that aims to digitize the historic records of the Catholic Church in the United States Britain and Ireland Findmypast is releasing over million exclusive records including sacramental registers for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia from to as well...

  13. Fiorello La Guardia 1882-1947

    from the December 2015 issue

    Probably the most dynamic and colorful Mayor ever to occupy a city hall in the United States was Fiorello La Guardia Fiorello meaning little flower was born in New York City on December where one day he would be its greatest mayor - for years Fiorello although not much beyond -feet tall was always a fighter In fact when still a pint-sized child he excused himself from a brawl to get a chair from the schoolroom so he could stand as tall as the bully who was taunting him In La Guardia graduated from New York University Law School and...

  14. Fiorello LaGuardia - A Bit of Nostalgia

    from the December 2005 issue

    Fiorello LaGuardia - A Bit of Nostalgia Part I Ignatius DiGuardia This is written aboard an Italian ship cruising to the Caribbean Islands celebrating my st birthday yet I feel as if I were sitting on a high mountain top reviewing times past when I was just and making political speeches for Fiorello LaGuardia when he became mayor of New York City and the following years for his protege Vito Marcantonio who later became our congressman for many years apartments on each floor with common toilets We dreaded the winter weather because the toilet pipes would freeze Stickball was our...

  15. Fiorello LaGuardia - A Bit of Nostalgia Part II

    from the January 2006 issue

    Fiorello LaGuardia - A Bit of Nostalgia Part II Ignatius DiGuardia After the election of the new mayor a movie which clearly hinted at party corruption was produced Playing the part of Jimmy Walker was a well-known actor Brian Donlevy In one scene of the picture it showed the mayor rising from his chair while talking to someone seeking political favor The mayor walked to a wall showing a photo of Yankee Stadium and told his visitor there were in attendance at that game Obviously he was indicating that it would cost that much to get the favor Much has...

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