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  1. IGG Surname Database and Transcribing NYC Marriage License Applications

    from the September 2017 issue

    At the June meeting our own Membership Chairman Mike Genovese presented a PowerPoint show from the IGG website and introduced us to the Surname Database The surname database is maintained by Mike It provides a location where the members can register their Italian family surnames their comune township province and region of origin The hope is that the submitter will be able to find a connection to another member or members with the same surname comune province or region If there is a match Mike showed us how to follow-up with an IGG email request Mike explained that this is...

  2. IGG Volunteer Awards Ceremony

    from the November 2008 issue

    At the October th meeting Barbara Florio and Angela LaGiglia presented the Italian Genealogical Group Volunteer Service Awards The Armand Tarantelli Volunteer of the year award was presented to the Pittsburgh Chapter s Kathy Rosella IGG Volunteer Certificates were awarded to Marie Cappezzuto Mary Louise Macchiaroli and Tom Demont all members of the Pittsburgh Chapter Tom Demont was at the meeting to accept his certificate and carried the other certificates home for presentation at their Chapter meeting Local IGG members to receive Volunteer Certificates were Joe Laguidi and Marie Pastore Joe Lagudi and Barbara Florio Marie Pastore and Barbara Florio...

  3. IGG Westchester Chapter

    from the June 2004 issue

    IGG members Phil Figario Vincenzo Sperandio and June Hesler presented a program on writing to Italy or not Seventeen interested persons attended the program held at the Larchmont Public Library on April th June Hesler started off the program by showing web sites and mentioning books for getting started and finding information about Italian records Phil Figario talked about his experience using the Family History Library microfilm to find the records for his family and his wife's family He also handed out copies of the records he had received and mentioned that if you receive a film whose quality is...

  4. Immigrant Bonanza

    from the January 2009 issue

    If you haven't checked it out yet Ancestry com's Immigration Collection is a remarkable resource for the many of us who have had a hard time crossing the pond That would be true if it simply included the first-ever indexing of - New York arrivals-- up until now a black hole for many of us who weren't lucky enough to have specifics of their ancestors' arrivals But if you take a look you'll see that the collection includes many other ports e g Baltimore Boston New Orleans San Francisco etc and time frames ranging from the s to the s...

  5. Immigrant Life

    from the December 2004 issue

    Immigrant Life The following story originally appeared in the NY Times on Monday October We have condensed the article in order to provide insight into the situations that our ancestors encountered upon arriving in their new country Ten Were Killed In Subway Disaster Of fourteen men buried by the collapse of the roof in the rapid transit tunnel at One Hundred and Ninety-fifth Street on Saturday night ten are dead and the remaining four seriously injured Blasts had been made in the section under Fort George hill and a few minutes later a gang of twenty-two men had gone into...

  6. Immigrant Life

    from the March 2014 issue

    Jim Dwyer in his About New York column that appeared in the New York Times last month reported on the opening of the new glass elevator at the Dyckman Street Station on the No line in northern Manhattan In his column Mr Dwyer recalled the construction of the city s first subway line The first subway line of New York the No burst from the ground at a place in Upper Manhattan called Fort George Hill around March having traveled two miles north from around th Street through solid rock It was a conquest of geology blasting through rock that...

  7. Immigrants

    from the April 2011 issue

    Excerpt from Italian Pride - Reasons to Be Proud You re Italian by Federico and Stephen Moramarco Although it can be said that Italians were the first Europeans to emigrate to America C h r i s t o p h e r C o l u m b u s a n d Amerigo Vespucci the first major wave of emigration from Italy to America occurred in the late s coinciding with the time Italy declared itself a unified nation That unity however came at a great price Living conditions in the area south of Rome known as the...

  8. In Appreciation from a Grateful Country

    from the September 2015 issue

    This is the story of one American who though not born in this country was to earn his citizenship on the battlefield in France in and serve his adopted country unselfishly throughout his life He was my father John A Viole and this is his story My father was born in a little town in southern Italy called Stignano in the providence of Calabria on June The town is on a hill more than three hundred meters in height and is part of the remains of a fort This structure had long protected Stignano from bands of Turks and Greeks...

  9. In the June Light of Northern Italy, the Bliss of Bergamo

    from the October 2016 issue

    A few years ago I decided that the best time to go to Europe was June It was mostly because everywhere we might visit the local population was still at work at school at home and it would be easier to sneak around pretending not to be a tourist When we decided to go to Bergamo we intended to stay for a day or two part of a mini tour of northern Italy before visiting friends in Lake Como but once we got there we couldn t leave It was a lesson in being unprepared in having bought the guidebook...

  10. Index of Newsletter Topics

    from the October 2008 issue

    Index of Topics in ewsletters of the Italian Genealogical Group Volume - September to June Articles A Cousin Found and Lost A Holland Nov Adventures Continues M Verna Nov Avoiding Assumptions M J Neill Feb Apr Christopher Columbus Oct CMU Team s Scanner Unlocks Secrets from the Past J Vellucci Mar Federation of Genealog Societies W Gimello Dec Holiday Memories Southern Italian Style M Genovese Jan Justice WWII Ital-Amer Immigrants Oct Mystery of the Grave A DiBartolo Dec Myth of Ellis Island Name Changes R Eastman Mar Ossi da morte M Genovese Nov Regaining the Momentum J Smith Jun Searching...

  11. Index of Topics in Newsletters of the Italian Genealogical Group Volume 20 September 2013 to June 2014

    from the September 2014 issue

    A Gift to My Father - Jo Solomito Haslam Nov A Hour Genealogy Celebration - Toni McKeen Oct Ask the Laywer Italy s Legal System - G Girardi Esq Feb Avoid Frustration of Wrong Family - Paul Duxbury Apr Becoming Americans Italian Experience in the New World - M Falabella Nov Brooklyn Bakery Named for No One - Jancee Dunn Apr Columbus Day Oct Connections and Coincidences - Michael S Genovese Jun Discovering That I Was Italian - Bob LaNoce May Everyone Has A Story - Dr Marilyn Verna Feb Excellence in Genealogy - NGS Awards Jun Family Search Blog...

  12. Index of Topics-Volume 19

    from the September 2013 issue

    Index of Topics in Newsletters of the Italian Genealogical Group Volume - September to June Articles Ways to Find Your East European Ancestors in - Lisa Alzo Feb Year Old Rabbi Barbara Aiello Rescues Lost Worlds - Interviewed by Susan Schnur May A Letter Leads to New Cousins- Sabina B Anselmo Mar Arlington National Cemetery Update Dec Barry s Gen Tip Occupations MyGenShare com Oct Battagliese-Genealogia Dec Case of Pasquale Imperato - Armand Tarantelli Apr Celebrations At First Invite She Declined- Newsday A Celebrations Sep Church Restoration Floral Park NY Oct Churches of New York City -Merrill White NY Times...

  13. Index September, 2005-June, 2006

    from the September 2006 issue

    Index of Topics in Newsletters of the IGG Volume - September to June Arizona Researching Italian Ancestors in Arizona Jun Cristofore Colombo Wm S Gimello Oct Easter in Italy Apr Go Online P Warren Jan Giuseppe P DiMaggio J Battagliese Sep Year F Progl Sep Mystery of Cipriano Pedrini M Smolenyak May Reaching Out to Extended Family M Neill Sep Searching Your Ancestry Wm Battagliese Oct Short Story T Annicelli Feb Taking Another Look J Smith Jun Time Traveling With Ancestors M Taylo Jun Using Roots Web Heffernan Apr Why Are They Buried There G Morgan May WW I Draft...

  14. Indexes to New York City Marriage Licenses 1908-1929 Now Online

    from the November 2016 issue

    From to New York City kept two sets of marriage records Most but not all couples reported their marriages to both the City Clerk and the New York City Department of Health See Leslie Corn s article City Clerk's Marriage Licenses New York City - One of th Century Genealogy s Best Primary Sources NYG B Newsletter now New York Researcher Spring Members can view an updated version published as a Research Aid article on the NYG B website This spring the indexes for marriage licenses from the New York City Clerk's office that were previously available only on microfilm...

  15. Initial Steps in Finding Your Ancestors

    from the December 2010 issue

    Their history is your history This has been the theme of my genealogy lectures over the years Nonna would have said it something like la lora storia e la nostra storia For many Italian-Americans our families may have immigrated to America about years ago My maternal great grandparents arrived at the Castle Garden New York City immigration station on May on the ship Vincenzo Florio having departed from Naples This was unknown to me until I started serious genealogical research But how do we start the research Begin With Yourself Gather all the family stories and documents you have Then...

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