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  1. Index of Topics-Volume 19

    from the September 2013 issue

    Index of Topics in Newsletters of the Italian Genealogical Group Volume - September to June Articles Ways to Find Your East European Ancestors in - Lisa Alzo Feb Year Old Rabbi Barbara Aiello Rescues Lost Worlds - Interviewed by Susan Schnur May A Letter Leads to New Cousins- Sabina B Anselmo Mar Arlington National Cemetery Update Dec Barry s Gen Tip Occupations MyGenShare com Oct Battagliese-Genealogia Dec Case of Pasquale Imperato - Armand Tarantelli Apr Celebrations At First Invite She Declined- Newsday A Celebrations Sep Church Restoration Floral Park NY Oct Churches of New York City -Merrill White NY Times...

  2. Index September, 2005-June, 2006

    from the September 2006 issue

    Index of Topics in Newsletters of the IGG Volume - September to June Arizona Researching Italian Ancestors in Arizona Jun Cristofore Colombo Wm S Gimello Oct Easter in Italy Apr Go Online P Warren Jan Giuseppe P DiMaggio J Battagliese Sep Year F Progl Sep Mystery of Cipriano Pedrini M Smolenyak May Reaching Out to Extended Family M Neill Sep Searching Your Ancestry Wm Battagliese Oct Short Story T Annicelli Feb Taking Another Look J Smith Jun Time Traveling With Ancestors M Taylo Jun Using Roots Web Heffernan Apr Why Are They Buried There G Morgan May WW I Draft...

  3. Initial Steps in Finding Your Ancestors

    from the December 2010 issue

    Their history is your history This has been the theme of my genealogy lectures over the years Nonna would have said it something like la lora storia e la nostra storia For many Italian-Americans our families may have immigrated to America about years ago My maternal great grandparents arrived at the Castle Garden New York City immigration station on May on the ship Vincenzo Florio having departed from Naples This was unknown to me until I started serious genealogical research But how do we start the research Begin With Yourself Gather all the family stories and documents you have Then...

  4. Initial Steps in Finding Your Ancestors

    from the January 2011 issue

    Finding the Immigrant Ship s Manifest With the initial research steps highlighted in the first Genealogy article we can now continue to procure other US records of our family Records that will reveal key information to ultimately obtain Italian records The jewel of family history documents for many of us is the actual Ship s Manifest listing our family member s arrival in America The manifest is usually the first recorded history of our family in America From the US Census we learned the year they first came to America Keep in mind however that the and census reports might...

  5. Inside Story

    from the October 2010 issue


  6. Interesting Articles

    from the February 2004 issue

    The following articles can be found on the Web Hopefully some of you will find them useful Below you will find a brief description of each article and the URL where it can be found - Port of Entry Can Help Find Ancestral Records While a few immigrants here and there came through the odd door most came through specified ports of entry http gentod com columns everyday html - Basics of Land Record Research The acquisition of land had an effect upon the colonization and settlement of the United States Land is human history Your research should always include...

  7. Interesting History

    from the March 2011 issue

    They used to use urine to tan animal skins so families used to all pee in a pot and then once a day it was taken and sold to the tannery If you had to do this to survive you were Piss Poor But worse than that were the really poor folk who couldn't even afford to buy a pot They didn't have a pot to piss in and were the lowest of the low The next time you are washing your hands and complain because the water temperature isn't just how you like it think about how things used...

  8. It Happened in Italy

    from the November 2010 issue

    Ambassador chats with author Elizabeth Bettina about her new book detailing the experiences of Holocaust survivors in Italy Elizabeth Bettina is the author of the book It Happened in Italy Untold Stories of How the People of Italy Defied the Horrors of the Holocaust Released by Thomas Nelson Publishers in the book tells the virtually unknown and almost unbelievable story of Jews who survived World War II in Italy Bettina began researching the story in after being inspired by an old photograph of Jews standing on the steps of her maternal grandmother's church in the town of Campagna near Salerno...

  9. It's Not in the Court House

    from the May 2010 issue

    Five Reasons It's ot in the Courthouse Five Reasons It's ot in the Courthouse and divorce records in Nevada are only available from the county Since records may have been permanently relocated it is important to make contact with the county in advance of a visit or ordering records Reason Four Records Have Been Lost or Destroyed General William Tecumseh Sherman did not destroy every courthouse in Georgia as one genealogist once tried to convince me Nor did the Union Army destroy all the courthouses in Tennessee Mississippi and Alabama as others have tried to convince me Don't laugh though...

  10. It's What You Do With It

    from the June 2009 issue

    It s ot What You Find It s What You Do With It We ve come a long way technologically with family history research tools Years ago locating a record sometimes meant many hours cranking away at a microfilm reader and often transcribing the record because there was no machine to print it out Now with many records we can sit in the comfort of our homes and locate our ancestors with the click of a mouse Another click prints a copy and with another click we can attach it to our electronic family tree Voila We re done Ah...

  11. Italian American Experience Series at Hofstra's Cultural Center-Movie Review

    from the May 2014 issue

    I missed the first two presentations--one in February and one in March--but on April I was fortunate enough to see the film entitled Umberto E The film was made by the Award winning film maker Anton Evangelista It documents the story of his father Umberto The film leads us along his path of personal triumphs over childhood abandonment harsh treatment in orphanages and a rejecting stepmother The story of Umberto's life is one of hardship but his life is one of work love of family and not blaming others for what happened to him His mother died when he was...

  12. Italian American Studies Association— Long Island

    from the May 2016 issue

    IGG Vice President Special Projects Mario Toglia was a guest speaker at the Italian American Studies Association of Long Island IASA-LI chapter in March He spoke about his book project to preserve the stories of immigrants from his parents' ancestral home of Calitri What is unique about the three books he has edited is that most of the stories were written by descendants of those Calitrani settlers The entire collection contains over articles as well as a plethora of documents photographs and other records Appearing with Mario in the above photo is Anne Romano President of IASA-LI...

  13. Italian Classes for the Community 2014-2015

    from the October 2014 issue

    The Center for Italian Studies will be sponsoring Italian classes for the Long Island community once again hours of instruction Twenty hour sessions Beginning October through April for an annual fee of Classes are available as follows John Glenn High School Elwood Avenue Elwood on Tuesdays PM to PM Beginner Italian-Instructor Anna Maria D'Agostino Stony Brook University on Saturdays AM to Noon Beginner Italian-Instructor Rosalia Sinatra Intermediate Italian- Instructor Christen Visceglie Advanced Italian-Instructor Donna DiNatale Persons interested in enrolling in any of these classes may call - for more detailed information schedule and registration materials or via email Donna Severino...

  14. Italian Earthquake

    from the February 2006 issue

    Thousands Dead in Italian Earthquake Disaster Grows in Magnitude With Each Succeeding Report In Messina Alone It Is Stated That There Are Victims Vandalism of the Worst Kind Has Broken Out Martial Law Declared Rome Dec --South Italy and the Island of Sicily have been visited by an appalling calamity the extent of which cannot yet be grasped An earthquake yesterday morning wrecked city after city and obliterated smaller towns and villages without number Then a tidal wave swept along the Strait of Messina and added to the horror drowning the people in their helplessness and panic Fire came to...

  15. Italian Family History Genealogy in Italy

    from the October 2014 issue

    Documents on your family To search you family history you have to proceed back in time through generations This is a list of documents for your Italian genealogy starting from the newest That is starting from the easiest documents to find the documents of your grandparents or great-grandparents back to documents on your most ancient ancestors Civil Registration Records -present Anagrafe and Stato Civile These documents include - birth records atti di nascita - marriage records atti di matrimonio - death records atti di morte - family status certificate stato di famiglia These documents can be found on the local...

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