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  1. Italian Earthquake

    from the February 2006 issue

    Thousands Dead in Italian Earthquake Disaster Grows in Magnitude With Each Succeeding Report In Messina Alone It Is Stated That There Are Victims Vandalism of the Worst Kind Has Broken Out Martial Law Declared Rome Dec --South Italy and the Island of Sicily have been visited by an appalling calamity the extent of which cannot yet be grasped An earthquake yesterday morning wrecked city after city and obliterated smaller towns and villages without number Then a tidal wave swept along the Strait of Messina and added to the horror drowning the people in their helplessness and panic Fire came to...

  2. Italian Family History Genealogy in Italy

    from the October 2014 issue

    Documents on your family To search you family history you have to proceed back in time through generations This is a list of documents for your Italian genealogy starting from the newest That is starting from the easiest documents to find the documents of your grandparents or great-grandparents back to documents on your most ancient ancestors Civil Registration Records -present Anagrafe and Stato Civile These documents include - birth records atti di nascita - marriage records atti di matrimonio - death records atti di morte - family status certificate stato di famiglia These documents can be found on the local...

  3. Italian Feasts

    from the October 2008 issue

    Reno Nevada Eldorado Feast - - - Eldorado Casino and Streets October - Valhalla New York Italian Heritage Feast Italian American Club October - - Newport Rhode Island Festa Italiana October Festa Italiana American Cup Road Newport RI October is Italian American Month celebrating the contributions of an estimated million Americans of Italian descent the fifth largest ethnic group in the United States Most Italian Americans are descended from nearly million Italians who came to the United States between and They brought with them many Italian traditions including a wealth of folk wisdom found in ancient proverbs Here is a...

  4. Italian Genealogy Events

    from the October 2011 issue

    On Saturday October p m a presentation offered in collaboration with the Alfonse M D Amato Chair in Italian and Italian American Studies L orda Storie canti e immagini degli emigrati italiani The Horde Stories Songs and Images of Italian Immigration The multi-media show in Italian with English subtitles features Corriere della Sera journalist Gian Antonio Stella who will recount the stories of Italian immigration - from his best selling book His free presentation will be accompanied by screened images and enriched with songs performed on traditional instruments by the Compagnia delle Acque The location is Stony Brook University s...

  5. Italian Immigration

    from the June 2011 issue

    More Italians have migrated to the United States than any other Europeans Poverty overpopulation and natural disaster all spurred Italian emigration Beginning in the s Italian birthrates rose and death rates fell Population pressure became severe especially in Il Mezzogiorno the southern and poorest provinces of Italy As late as the illiteracy rate in southern Italy was percent ten times the rate in England France or Germany The Italian government was dominated by northerners and southerners were hurt by high taxes and high protective tariffs on northern industrial goods Southerners also suffered from a scarcity of cultivatable land soil erosion...

  6. Italian Invades the New World

    from the June 2010 issue

    Shortly after the arrival of the Mayflower the first known Italian to set foot in New Amsterdam was Pietro Cesare Alberti DOB June on Saturday June He came from the Island of Malamocco near Venice Direct descendants of his bear the surname of Albertis or Burtis He comes from noble heritage born to Andrea Alberti and Lady Veronica Although baptized in the Roman Catholic Church he was a member of the Dutch Reformed Church where he married Judith Magnee Manje an early Huguenot family in the New Netherland on August They had children one of whom predeceased them He and...

  7. Italian Language Mass

    from the November 2006 issue

    Every Sunday at AM there is a mass in Italian at St Brigid s on Post Avenue in Westbury At Advent parishioners erect a Neapolitan style Presipio which remains displayed in the left transcept through New Years Day Take Old Country Road to Post Avenue north The Church is on the right at Holy Rood Cemetery...

  8. Italian Parish Records Explained

    from the May 2014 issue

    Parish records began about in some parishes but by they were instituted all parishes although not all complied immediately Although some Catholic parish registers can be found on microfilm most of those filmed were from the Church of England parishes in Italy or from other religious denominations The Catholic Church generally speaking is very much against the filming of its parish registers or their reproduction intact The records are written in Latin until the th century Except in rare cases there is only one copy usually held by the local priest Diocese offices are beginning to gather these old records...

  9. Italian Police Nab Petrosino Murderer

    from the November 2014 issue

    It took over one hundred years for the Italian police to find the assassin of New York Police Lieutenant Giuseppe Petrosino The Mafia in Italy was highly successful in keeping this secret until June During the s s Lt Petrosino was highly successful in hunting down and arresting a network of Italian gangs known the La Mano Nera who preyed on Italian immigrants in New York City s Little Italy and elsewhere In March Lt Petrosino made a fateful decision to expand his investigation of the Mafiosi by planning a secret trip to Italy Unfortunately newspaper reporters learned of his...

  10. Italian Prisoners in America

    from the December 2012 issue

    In when war broke out in Europe hundreds of Italian merchant seamen were stranded in the United States Many sabotaged their ships out of fear that their ships would be handed over to the British g o v e r n m e n t T h e U S government took custody of these Italian seamen An estimated were interned as enemy aliens at Fort Missoula Montana Unable to return to Italy where they would have most certainly have been drafted for combat these seaman spent most of the war safe sound and relatively happy in the United States...

  11. Italian Slaves in NY City

    from the September 2012 issue


  12. Italian Success Story

    from the October 2011 issue

    As a member at-large of the NYOSIA I have the opportunity to read The Golden Lion Newsletter In the July-August edition I came across an article I thought our members would enjoy reading The article is written by Dr Ciro DeRosa who is a member of the Guglielmo Marconi Lodge Islip NY He is presently a Professor at the University of Phoenix AZ His article is entitled The Way We Were And What We Are Today In this article Dr DeRosa points out that in the late th and th centuries there was a massive migration of southern Italians to...

  13. Italian War Prisoner and Love

    from the April 2010 issue

    Dino Renna was an Italian war prisoner during World War II He and his regiment surrendered in Sicily in They were relocated to the United States Fortunately for him he met a beautiful Italian-American girl fell in love and later married her in Conversano Italy It took some effort on the part of them to arrange their marriage in Italy Finally love prevailed Here is their story Dino describes his Italian regiment as lacking food and wearing shoes with holes in a totally disorganized army When the Americans invaded Sicily his regiment surrendered willingly He was shipped from Africa to...

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