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  1. Making A Difference

    from the December 2004 issue

    Cable TV Show Making A Difference Linda Carco from the German Genealogy Group spoke to Bill Robbins and confirmed the taping of his show Making a Difference Bill is interested in how Richard Haberstroh from the German Genealogy Group John Martino Italian Genealogy Group Kathy McGee Irish History Forum and Joysetta Pearse from the African Atlantic Genealogy Society have helped others learn about their family's history and how the different genealogy groups have worked individually and together in preserving records He also is very interested in the Family History Center Below are the details of the TV show Show Making...

  2. March Meeting - 21th Century Genealogy

    from the April 2017 issue

    For our March meeting the guest speaker was Michael Cassara Michael is a professional researcher an IGG member holds a Boston University Certificate in Genealogical Research and is a member of the Association of Professional Genealogist APG Michael operates digiroots GENEALOGY a research firm that specializes in Italian genealogical research The title of his PowerPoint presentation is th Century Genealogy Software and Web Platforms Here are some of the highlights th Century to th Century Michael took us back in-time to remind us as to how genealogy research evolved First there were the libraries He showed us a photo of...

  3. March Meeting - What’s Up Doc

    from the April 2016 issue

    For our March meeting Joanne R Heffernan continued with Part II of her presentation What s Up Doc A Prescription for Careful Analysis and Diagnosis of Genealogical Documents and Related Materials also Useful Websites Here are some of the documents that Joanne discussed for Part II Civil and Church Records Discharge Papers - of Christian Arnheiter Civil War Veteran with the th Regiment of NJ Infantry Discharged July Joanne used Google to find out how her relative may have arrived in a Philadelphia hospital after being wounded at Bull Run Her purpose was to see what a wounded soldier endured...

  4. March Meeting-Tony Lauriano

    from the April 2012 issue

    At the March meeting our guest speaker was Tony Lauriano who gave his presentation on Finding Female Maiden Names Tony is an accountant a long time researcher and a popular lecturer and w r i t e r H e h a s re s e ar ch ed f am i l y members in the US back to the Civil War Tony provided a unique approach to analyzing genealogical records by applying accounting techniques to his search Tony s lecture covered all ethnic groups Here are the Italian New York area highlights of his Power Point presentation Tony...

  5. March Meeting: Genograms - Christine Crawford-Oppenheiner

    from the April 2013 issue

    The title of Christine s presentation is Genograms Adding a New Dimension to Your Family Charts Christine explained that a Genogram is a schematic diagram of a person's family relationships and medical history It s a useful tool that goes beyond a traditional family tree you can visualize hereditary patterns and psychological factors in relationships Genograms are used mainly in medicine social work and genetic research few genealogists use them However I see that the newer family tree computer programs include genogram capability Genogram Symbols Christine began her presentation by explaining the genogram symbols She starts with kinship and relationship...

  6. March Meeting: Italian Dual Citizenship

    from the April 2015 issue

    Last month s guest speaker Melissa A Johnson CG is a professional genealogist specializing in genealogical research She has experience in compiling dual citizenship applications and paperwork and researching Irish and Italian ancestral roots Melissa s lecture entitled Italian Dual Citizenship is based on a comprehensive PowerPoint slide show Melissa took the group through the complete application process on several actual cases including slides of the documentation submitted Melissa explained that a dual citizen is a person who is a citizen of two countries at the same time Citizenship is generally obtained by Jus Sanguinis right of blood or Jus...

  7. March Mtg. Debra Braverman

    from the April 2010 issue

    Marie Pastore introduced Debra Braverman whose topic was ew York City Substitutes The year US Census is an important family research tool Debra explained that on January the Census was destroyed by fire and water The original and only copies were stored in a room in the basement of the Commerce Building in Washington DC In order to put out the fire the fire department poured streams of water into the building and flooded the basement The records were ruined and Congress authorized their destruction Using a computer projector and a Power Point presentation Debra was able to take us...

  8. Marie Elaine Pastore

    from the November 2009 issue

    Marie Elaine Pastore presented So You want to know your Family Beginning Genealogy Where and How to get started Marie provided a very informative beginning genealogy presentation using the Power Point pro- jector with slides of her personal research on her Pastore Frede family Included were slides of her two grandfather s draft registration cards both WWI and WWII and printouts from her Family Tree database including an impressive generation ancestor chart She also had copies of her Pastore Frede and Frede Muller family group sheets family photos and cemetery photos one of the pictures was that of a cousin...

  9. Marilyn discovers kinship with DeCecco and Robert DeNiro

    from the January 2017 issue


  10. Mario Macaluso

    from the December 2010 issue

    Mario Macaluso was born in Polizzi Generosa Sicily He is a lecturer and a language consultant Mario also taught and supervised the Foreign Language Student-Teacher Program at the Stony Brook University With his background Mario can provide expert professional services to perform family research and translation of documents At our last meeting Mario delivered a lecture entitled Practical A d v i c e a n d Trans lat ion of Authentic Docum e n t s H i s p r e s e n t a t i o n consisted of a series of Power Point s...

  11. Mary Crapelli Augusto-LaVoce Italiana

    from the September 2016 issue

    At our June meeting Dr Marilyn Verna made a brief presentation about Mary Crapelli Augusto founder of La Voce Italiana Marilyn s presentation The Italian Voice an Italian American Woman Makes Her Mark in American Society In developing her presentation Marilyn interviewed Mary Crapelli Augusto s daughter Cesarina Augusto Earl Mary Crapelli Augusto was a journalist and community leader and first woman mayoral candidate in Paterson New Jersey She was born on April in Nicastro Calabria Italy Her mother Filomena instilled in her the need for education She attended elementary and high school as well as three years of teacher's...

  12. May Meeting - Toni McKeen

    from the June 2014 issue

    Our guest speaker at the May meeting was Toni McKeen She presented her lecture on Tips and Tricks for Using Ancestry Toni is a long time genealogical researcher and a genealogy teacher Her presentation consisted of a series of Power Point slides from which she was able to review and discuss images and documents that she has found in performing her own personal research Toni began her lecture at the Ancestry Homepage She says her Three Basic Rules are these start your family tree with yourself and work backwards to your ancestors research a family not just a single surname...

  13. May Meeting Barbara de Mare

    from the June 2008 issue

    Marie Pastore introduced Barbara de Mare an attorney and genealogist from Bergen County NJ Barbara has an extensive background in estate work and showed how important these records can be to genealogists Barbara s lecture was entitled Researching Probate and Deed Records She used several documents to explain how to find the records She explained that prior to the Vital Records era pre th century the only family records available to genealogists were Probate Deed and Petition records Barbara described what can be found in these records and their related documents New York petition and location records can be found...

  14. May Meeting-One-Name Studies for Italian Genealogy

    from the June 2016 issue

    The presentation at last month s meeting was One-Name Studies for Italian Genealogy What are they and how can they help you research by Michael Cassara at DigiRoots net Michael is a professional researcher holding a certificate in genealogy from Boston University He is registered with the Genealogical Speakers Guild and he is an IGG member What is a one-name study Michael says that it s a project researching all occurrences of a surname as opposed to a particular pedigree or descendant Some one-name studies generally restrict their research geographically perhaps to one country but true one-names collect all occurrences...

  15. May Meeting: David Kleinman

    from the June 2010 issue

    Our speaker for the May meeting was David Kleiman who delivered an interactive presentation on clues to ones family heritage The Stories and Cultural Clues to Genealogy Foods Under the very popular category of food Mr Kleinman asked the audience to close their eyes and remember back to a favorite holiday and think of the aroma associated with that day You can just imagine all of the Italian specialties mentioned In his Power Point presentation he showed photos of condiments grains herbs and spices utensils proteins side dishes and table settings Among the utensils he had the mezzaluna chopping tool...

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