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  1. New York State Records

    from the May 2006 issue

    George R Krahl Chairman of the NYS Council of Genealogical Societies reports that a bill has been introduced into the Assembly and Senate which would reduce the cost of searching for and copying of vital records to half the existing rate This bill A in the Assembly and S in the Senate would establish a rate of for searching and copying one vital record in contrast to the present rate of In both legislative bodies the bill has been referred to the Health Committee Chairman Krahl says that while it is necessary to secure the support of every member of...

  2. Nickel a Meal-in School

    from the February 2013 issue

    Pupils whose Parents Are Workers Can Buy Luncheon in Mott Street THE EXPERIMENT MAY GROW Three Cents Buys the Italian Menu Cents Adds an Apple and the Apple and Cocoa In Public School in Mott Street attended by children most of whom are Italian an experiment is being tried which may revolutionize the present luncheon system in the schools About children ranging in years from to are now being fed at noon They pay and cents according to whether they have an ordinary dinner or fruit and cocoa as well The meal is hot and well cooked and according to...

  3. No Stone to Leave Unturned

    from the November 2004 issue

    Finding the burial place of an ancestor can be one of the great hunts of genealogy It can also be one of the most frustrating parts of the research process This week we look at some ways to determine where your ancestor is buried and the additional records that may be available First we will look at some records that may indicate the ancestor's burial place Death Certificate For relatively recent burials the death certificate should provide the relative's final resting place Bear in mind that the names of some cemeteries may have changed over the years Attempts to locate...

  4. Nominated Slate of Officers

    from the May 2006 issue

    Proposed Changes to By-Laws of the Italian Genealogical Group Present By-Laws ARTICLE IV Section The Board shall consist of the officers of the corporation elected at the initial Board meeting and at each subsequent annual membership meeting Each director shall hold office until the expiration of the term for which he or she was elected and until his her successor has been elected and shall have qualified or until his her prior resignation or removal Proposed ARTICLE IV Section The Board shall consist of the elected officers of the corporation elected at each annual membership meeting the immediate past president...

  5. Nomination of Officers

    from the May 2007 issue

    The Nominated Slate of Officers for - Presidents Marilyn Verna Michael Genovese VP Programs June DeLalio VP Public Relations Anthony DiBartolo VP Publicity Angela LaGiglia VP Special Projects John Martino Treasurer Ann Holland Recording Secretary Joseph Battagliese Corresponding Secretary Barbara M Florio Directors Immediate Past President Angela LaGiglia Chairperson Newsletter Tony Sasso Chairperson Auditing Bud Pape Voting will be held at the June th meeting...

  6. Nomination of Officers

    from the June 2013 issue

    THE NOMINATIONS SLATE OF OFFICERS FOR - President Anthony DiBartolo First Vice President Arthur Filete VP Programs Barbara M Florio Angela LaGiglia VP Public Relations Anthony DiBartolo VP Publicity Mary Ann Yenoli VP Special Projects John Martino Treasurer Gail Cinelli Recording Secretary Joseph Battagliese Corresponding Sec Dr Marilyn Verna Violet Sardo The slate will be voted on at the June meeting...

  7. November Meeting - The Italian Immigrant Experience

    from the December 2014 issue

    Here are some of the dramatic Ellis Island photos Toni McKeen used to describe the Immigrant Experience When they arrived in New York Harbor all came up on deck to see their new Country Arriving at Ellis Island Waiting in the Great Hall to be processed The men had to strip and line-up for the inspectors When inspecting for trachoma a disease of the eyes the inspector used a button hook to fold the eyelid over and inspect under the lid Vaccinated and Unloused ready to go Ellis Island had its own hospital It was the first public health hospital...

  8. NYC Records Online Today

    from the February 2014 issue

    More than million New York City birth death and marriage records spanning nearly a century -- from to -- go online Thursday in a partnership between Ancestry com and the New York City Department of Records Municipal Archives The data highlights the city's importance as an immigration portal to America and is expected to be a boon to people researching their family history officials said Having this particular collection online at Ancestry com is so important to us because of the importance of New York City itself as an immigration hub said Quinton Atkinson director of content at Ancestry com...

  9. NYG&B Offers DNA Workshop

    from the May 2005 issue

    NYG B Offers DNA Workshop The New York Genealogical and Biographical Society will offer an all-day workshop to help genealogists understand the essentials of DNA testing which can provide information about family history Two top experts in the field Family Tree's DNA president Bennett Greenspan and genealogist Megan Smolenyak will lead the workshop Details about schedule cost and registration information are available at www familyhistory org or you may call - - Slate Chosen for New Board Elections for the - Executive Board of the IGG will be held at the June meeting The slate of officers recommended by the...

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