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  1. Profiles from the Four Corners

    from the May 2006 issue

    This month's profile Part II Roy Francis Cella from Syracuse Utah is a new member of IGG and his story warranted a continuation His family surnames include Cella Queirolo and Gazzola with roots in Borzonasca in Genova Liguria Roy has been able to trace his Cella roots to his great great great grandfather Giovanni Cella born in in Borzonasca One of Giovanni s sons was Santino Samulee Cella who was born in and married to Elizabetta Queirolo in They started a family in Italy with John Andrew born in Interesting enough Santino his wife and child made it to America...

  2. Profiles from the Four Corners

    from the June 2006 issue

    This month s profile highlights Anthony J Siano Esq from White Plains New York Anthony s story is entitled How One Question Led to a Trip to Italy and A Completed Family Tree Here is his experience It all began with an email message from my eldest son directing me to a web page reference for Cittadina di Siano in Italy He asked Could this be where we really come from It seems that the repeated family references to a town outside of Naples were vaguely dissatisfying to him and after all our family name was Siano My desire to...

  3. Profiles From The Four Corners

    from the September 2006 issue

    Prisoner of War Camp in Florence Arizona The Call to Faith The scene was a Prisoner of War Camp in Florence Arizona where nearly Italian POWs lived In the hottest days of August a group of men in khaki uniforms were busily building a structure a place for worship The sun mercilessly beat on this patch of ground as the workers gleefully pushed ahead with preparation of the site concrete work for foundation framing and an Italianate style fa ade They carved every piece of stone by hand and made an arch in the same style that the old master...

  4. Profiles From The Four Corners

    from the October 2006 issue

    Our profile this month focuses on Louise Camera Pomilla Her story provides us with a good example of a personal quest to do justice to her ancestors It is a story of one person s loving tribute paid to her ancestors I will let her tell you her story My full name is Louise Camera Pomilla I was born in Queens NY and attended St Mary Magdalene grammar school and Dominican Commercial High School in Jamaica NY graduating from Dominican in My husband and I married in September After ten years of going to CW Post and Long Island University...

  5. Profiles From The Four Corners

    from the November 2006 issue

    Isn t this the basic reason why most of us are interested in genealogy We search for our roots to remember and give thanks to our ancestors We are who we are because of those that paved the way before us It is in this spirit of remembrance that we thank our members for sharing their stories with us and encourage others to do so Every once in awhile we would like to bring to your attention the fact that our members come from the four corners Here is a sampling of recent members These new members include Robert Priola...

  6. Profiles from the Four Corners

    from the December 2006 issue

    This month s profile is Nick DeRose a member of IGG since Nick his brother and sister were born and raised in the Los Angeles area Even though his immediate family and some extended family members were scattered over eleven Western States his family remained close His grandparents however didn t pass on stories about their parents and their growing up in Italy then Indiana and Colorado This fact later became a significant factor in Nick s wanting to research and document his family s stories Nick has four children and shares his life with his wife Karen He is...

  7. Profiles from the Four Corners

    from the January 2007 issue

    I would like to start this month s four corners article with a Happy New Year to all our readers Marilyn Verna co-president of IGG and myself would once again like to encourage our members to make a resolution to interview elder members of your families record these family stories and transcribe these memories to our children and grandchildren Personal historical events are priceless Let s not miss these precious opportunities I will skip an individual profile this month and give our readers an overview of our membership as well as a glimpse of some new members and the family...

  8. Profiles from the Four Corners

    from the February 2007 issue

    Our profile this month is Bruno Lijoi an active year old member who lives in Farmingdale NY Bruno has been an IGG member since I recently had the pleasure of listening to Bruno relate his family story in a small group setting at our last IGG meeting I immediately knew that he had to share his story with all members I asked Bruno for a little background about his life and he humbly submitted Bruno tells me that the surname Lijoi is of Greek origin dating back to the town of Sant Andrea Apostolo dello Ionio in the current province...

  9. Profiles from the Four Corners

    from the March 2007 issue

    This month s profile is on Earl C Julo Jr currently residing in Lees Summit Missouri Earl and his wife LaWanda have children grandchildren and great-grandchildren At age he is semi-retired but works for a company he started with years ago He mainly works from his home as benefits administrator with full responsibilities of trustee caring for the company s k plan s Earl started with the company as the data processing manager and eventually became the vice-President and treasurer of this same company Several members of his family now work within the company including his eldest son who assumed...

  10. Profiles from the Four Corners

    from the April 2007 issue

    Our profile this month is on Peter R Bortolan a member since Peter hails from South Windsor CT and has really written an excellent story of his quest to learn about his family s roots He has put together a great article and we would like to present it to you in three segments over the next three issues So this month s profile is only Part I of a three-part story Let s read what Peter has so carefully written and entitled Roots Italian Style Roots Italian Style Part I In October my wife Ruth and I spent three...

  11. Profiles from the Four Corners

    from the May 2007 issue

    Roots Italian Style Part II Peter R Bortolan The morning of Oct dawned bright I woke up with a headache which I assumed was from stress Our oldest daughter Cindy lives outside Boston and was going to drive us to Logan for our hrs flight So we packed the car and were off to her house She got us to the Alitalia terminal we checked through and were ready to go We landed at Malpensa an hour early a great tail wind The buses to the Milano railroad station were right outside the main door of the terminal The bus...

  12. Profiles from the Four Corners

    from the June 2007 issue

    Roots Italian Style Part III Over the next three days we had a walking tour of Treviso and went to Carbonera to view and copy family records from to In Carbonera the pastor told us that when Napoleon conquered Italia he felt that the cemeteries should not be in the cities near the churches but rather should be out of town Consequently most old cemeteries were destroyed as was the one at his church The church had also been rebuilt in the middle of the th century so the old Bortolan memorials that had once been there were gone We...

  13. Profiles from the Four Corners

    from the September 2007 issue

    Our profile this month is centered on Barbara O McHenry of Murray Utah Barbara became a member of IGG in September She writes a fascinating story of how the Oliverio family emigrated from Calabria to Utah and focuses her story on the essential role of her grandfather her father and her mother s brothers the Piccolo family Enjoy her story My grandfather Salvatore Oliverio was born on March in San Giovanni in Fiore Cosenza in the region of Calabria Italy He was the son of Pasquale Oliverio born on March and Caterina Allevato born on February Both Pasquale and Caterina...

  14. Profiles from the Four Corners

    from the October 2007 issue

    This month s profile centers on IGG member and native New Yorker Ferdinand Guerra Fred lives in Floral Park with his wife Marion They have two children Fred Jr and Emma Fred s family research started in earnest about five years ago He has diligently and passionately dedicated a good deal of his time in research In fact I have seen reams of documentation he has accumulated just in that short time all very neatly organized and displayed in archival safe sheet protectors and stored in large three ring binders He is proud of his heritage and wants his children...

  15. Profiles from the Four Corners

    from the November 2007 issue

    F e r d i n a n d J o h n Guerra s story Part II is continued in this month s profiles As stated in last month s article Fred is retired from the NYC Police Department He resides in Floral Park NY and has earnestly pursued his interest in his family roots for the past five years His experience in the police force has greatly helped him in tracing his family roots in Italy Right from the outset Fred set some very concrete goals and stayed focused on those goals He states At the very outset...

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