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  1. Profiles from the Four Corners

    from the December 2007 issue

    Our profile this month centers on IGG member Jan Graef who hails from San Dimas in California Jan and Dave her husband have been married for years and have three adult children Dave was born in Pennsylvania and moved to California as a toddler and Jan was born in New York and moved to California at age seven Their children were born in California Currently Jan is retired but over the years she worked as an insurance adjuster a clerk for K-Mart a special education instructional aide and at a variety of secretarial positions Janice who just started her research...

  2. Profiles from the Four Corners

    from the January 2008 issue

    This month we profile Carol Galgano a resident of Oyster Bay and an IGG member since Carol has graciously shared some family research she has done Her story reminds us that researching family roots is an on-going process and everevolving story Sometimes the answers we discover through our research lead to more questions Truth or Myth Why I Started Doing Genealogy How do we get hooked on such a time consuming hobby working so hard sometimes to find out so little Curiosity about our families past could only drive us so far but how about a real mystery Questions linger...

  3. Profiles from the Four Corners

    from the February 2008 issue

    This month we profile Joan Pellarin Sambolin a resident of Ponce Puerto Rico and an IGG member since December of Joan shares her family story with us as she diligently continues tries to fill in the blanks with her initial research on the paternal side of her family with roots in the northern part of Italy and specifically the region of Friuli-Venezia Joan admits that she has discovered little about her father s side of the family Most of what I have researched is merely the cut and dry dates and places The hopes and dreams the everyday struggles and...

  4. Profiles from the Four Corners

    from the March 2008 issue

    Our profile for this month is focused on Christine Rose who hails from San Jose California Christine a member of IGG since has an array of genealogical credentials Christine is a Certified Genealogist Certified Genealogical Lecturer and Fellow of the American Society of Genealogists She has national recognition as a lecturer and author She earned the title Fellow from the ASG an honor bestowed by peers based on the quantity and quality of publications She has compiled numerous genealogies and articles as well as noteworthy books I count at least She also is the co-author of The Complete Idiot s...

  5. Profiles from the Four Corners

    from the May 2008 issue

    Our profile this month brings us to Yardley Pennsylvania to Carolyn Franchi Carolyn has been a member of IGG for the past thirteen years I recently interviewed Carolyn via an exchange of e-mails and I asked her to write a little summary of her background and her interest in genealogy She graciously accepted this task Here is her story in her own words I am from Yardley PA which is just across the Delaware River from Trenton New Jersey although I grew up in the Bronx and then northern New Jersey I just retired this past December I was working...

  6. Profiles from the Four Corners

    from the June 2008 issue

    As we wrap up another year of monthly meetings seminars conferences newsletters speakers browsing our web site and our ever-growing databases I would like to focus on IGG s most precious commodity OUR MEMBERSHIP Each of our members has a unique story to tell about his family and most have experiences of their own family research that they hold dear The purpose of this column is to encourage members to share these experiences with our readers I invite you to submit your story to us so that it can be shared Our profile this month brings us to New York...

  7. Profiles from the Four Corners

    from the September 2008 issue

    As we begin another year of IGG I will do my best to encourage our readers by e-mails letters and phone calls to share their family stories with our members This month s profile is submitted to us by Anthony Lauriano a member of IGG who hails from Vly Cottage New York Tony enjoys the personal family stories in the Newsletter and as a genealogy lecturer he has done extensive research on his family The following is an excerpt from his family history manuscript on his mother s family Please note well that this story is a good example of...

  8. Profiles from the Four Corners

    from the October 2008 issue

    This month s profile focuses on J o s ep h D Ag o s t i n o f r om Commack New York Joseph has been a member of IGG since I have read Joseph s story and with his permission put his research and family facts into story form From Maglio to D Agostino What a Surprise My grandfather Giuseppe Maglio was born on September in Santo Stefano di Camastra in the Province of Messina Sicily Nine days later he was baptized at St Nicholas of Bari Church in Santo Stefano di Camastra on September According to...

  9. Profiles from the Four Corners

    from the November 2008 issue

    Our profile this month brings us to sunny California to Ed Morante Ed has been a member of IGG for the past years He currently is living in Palm Desert CA He is years old married to Linda Cimicata for years and the father of three adult sons Ed was born in the Bronx and graduated from Manhattan College He has a masters and doctorate in psychology from Columbia University He was a counselor teacher and college administrator He is retired and presently works as a consultant for colleges to improve student success Ed graciously submitted his family story In...

  10. Profiles from the Four Corners

    from the December 2008 issue

    Our profile this month brings member Martha Ciaramitaro Paul to center stage She hails from Portage Michigan She joined IGG because of the information that's available concerning the New York area She really appreciates all the work the volunteers do to provide databases and indexing Martha is a retired librarian She had no experience with genealogy until she was assigned a shift on the Family and Local History desk at the Willard Public Library in Battle Creek Michigan She figured the best way to start learning the subject was to start her own family research She states that she is...

  11. Profiles from the Four Corners

    from the January 2009 issue

    This month s IGG member being profiled is Angelo Cuneo who has been a member since and resides in Staten Island ew York Angelo was lucky enough to be able to bring his whole family his wife of years and all his children and grandchildren to his hometown in Italy Let s read the story of his journey to his roots Returning to My Roots All ineteen of Us I was born in in the comune of Moconesi Provincia di Genova in the Regione of Liguria Our comune is situated in the Valley of Fontanabuona In I was fortunate enough...

  12. Profiles from the Four Corners

    from the February 2009 issue

    This month s profile focuses on Joseph A Rinaldi who resides in Rhinebeck New York Joseph has been a member of IGG since He credits his membership in the IGG for connecting him with other members from the same ancestral town A friendship evolved and eventually the friendship grew into the foundation of a society the Craco Society Within a short span of time amazing things happened Let s permit Joseph to tell his story My Craco Family From an idea to a society My interest in genealogy actually came about in a roundabout way As a child I listened...

  13. Profiles from the Four Corners

    from the March 2009 issue

    Since March th is the special Italian feast day of St Joseph I thought that it was fitting to pay special tribute to one of our many members named Joseph Joseph Granito who resides in Port Washington Pennsylvania has recently become a member of IGG I asked Joseph to share a brief overview of his Italian heritage with us My name is Joseph Granito I am an Emergency Physician at Reading Hospital in Reading Pennsylvania and I am married with children My mother and father grew up in East Harlem but moved to Long Branch N J after WWII My...

  14. Profiles from the Four Corners

    from the April 2009 issue

    Part I This month s profile is focused on Timothy and Rita Lyons members of IGG since who reside in Columbus Ohio Tim has graciously accepted to share with us their research for Rita s Italian roots My wife Rita Nicolosi Lyons and I started dating when she was and I was I was always impressed by her huge family in our hometown of Marion Ohio All four of her grandparents had come to the US from Sicily in the early s as young men and women Rita s maternal grandparents Giuseppe Sansone and Gaetana Badalamenti lived with her and...

  15. Profiles from the Four Corners

    from the May 2009 issue

    Tim Lyon s Research Part II When we returned home I had the documents we received in Carini translated I was stunned at what I had received It was the details of Rita s grandmother Gaetana Badalamenti s family which included her seven siblings The documents contained birthdays occupations spouses maiden names and some parts of an ancestor listing The information stopped as each sibling left for the US That wealth of information sparked my continuing love of genealogy I have worked hard on all sides of both of our families Any genealogist will understand that the occasional nuggets that...

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