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  1. Profiles from the Four Corners

    from the June 2009 issue

    This month s profile focuses on Constance Marcucci Constance hails from Terryville Connecticut and has been a member of IGG since Her story is about her maternal grandparents Silvio and Concetta Lanosa Spallone whose photograph shows them with three of their children Let s allow Constance to tell us of her proud heritage My photo was taken circa It is a picture of my maternal grandfather Silvio Spallone and my maternal grandmother Concetta Lanosa Spallone with three of their children Patsy is on the left born January and Silvio born April is on the right The little girl on the...

  2. Profiles from the Four Corners

    from the September 2009 issue

    Lynda Caira has been an IGG member since She is a resident of Floral Park New York She works as an office manager for a catering company and is an avid quilter She began her quest into her family s ancestry on a visit to family members in California Lynda admits that there is a lot she didn t know about her family s history Her story is first and foremost about her grandfather whom she never knew Lynda has lovingly written her story which she shares with us She has slowly and carefully researched and magnificently collated the first...

  3. Profiles From The Four Corners

    from the October 2009 issue

    My Grandfather Angelo La Bruna Part II May Angelo married my grandmother Immacolata Terzi My grandmother always told me that she had been engaged to a man for the eight years prior to her coming to America in She also said that she had no intention of ever marrying this man because although she was fond of him she did not love him Then as I mentioned before she met my grandfather Angelo at a dinner at her brother s home and although he was exactly years her senior they both knew that they would marry each other Well the...

  4. Profiles from the Four Corners

    from the November 2009 issue

    This month s profile focuses on Angelo Cuneo from Staten Island ew York Angelo has been a member of IGG since Angelo s story is about his coming to America in The photograph demonstrates his documentation and dedication to his Italian roots Coming to America Part I Ever since the first settlement of Europeans in the New World at Jamestown in and at Plymouth in America has been a magnet for people seeking adventure fleeing from tyranny or simply trying to make a better life for themselves and their children An initial trickle of immigration swelled after the American Revolution...

  5. Profiles from the Four Corners

    from the December 2009 issue

    Coming to America Part II In a letter dated December Aunt Elisa writes It was a beautiful sunny day Your mother and I accompanied you and Aunt Agostina to the boat Your father remained at home as he walked badly camminara male Aunt Anna was at the house with your father and two brothers Your mother hugged you and hugged you She was very emotional When the ship left the port of Genoa she waved saying Ciao ciao until the ship was no longer in sight Then your mother and I went in front of the station purchased some farinata...

  6. Profiles from the Four Corners

    from the January 2010 issue

    Jeanne Kennedy Scobbo has been an IGG member since She is a resident of White Sulfur Springs West Virginia She began her quest into her own family s ancestry starting with her great great grandfather and then moving on to her Irish French and German roots Then after all this she started her husband s Italian roots Her story about the Frappaolo family her husband s maternal side of the family includes some Italian customs celebrated at various feast days throughout the year Some of our readers on Long Island may recognize the Frappaolo brothers and the well-known Frappaolo Bakery...

  7. Profiles From the Four Corners

    from the February 2010 issue

    This month I will devote this space to encourage our readers to share some aspect of their family research I am seeking stories from our readers I ask you to think about composing a short story about an ancestor or perhaps a particular tradition practiced by your ancestors or maybe some experience that you have had in the process of your research or any tidbit of your genealogical journey that might help our readers in their journey to their roots For the past five years I have personally e-mailed members of our group to write their stories I suggested some...

  8. Profiles from the Four Corners

    from the March 2010 issue

    This month s profile focuses on John A Stamato John is years young and hails from Crofton Maryland and has been a member of IGG since I interviewed John by way of e-mailing and a telephone conversation Let John introduce himself My father was born in in Corleto Monforte the province of Salerno in the region of Campania and my mother was born in in Ribera the province of Agrigento Sicily They married in Binghamton N Y in I was born in in Johnson City N Y I have a brother Anthony and a sister Teresa Our family eventually moved...

  9. Profiles from the Four Corners

    from the April 2010 issue

    Our profile this month focuses on Sheila Perino Sapienza She has been an IGG member for the last five years She lives on Long Island in the village of Setauket The region was first settled in the s and was the first settlement in the Town of Brookhaven During the American Revolutionary War the Culper Spy Ring headed by Benjamin Tallmadge passed information about British troop movements gathered in New York City to George Washington The Battle of Setauket was fought here Sheila s story is about her five year effort to try to piece together her husband s family...

  10. Profiles from the Four Corners

    from the May 2010 issue

    We continue our profile on IGG member Sheila Perino Sapienza of Setauket Long Island New York with the second part of her genealogical quest to find out about her husband s family story See April issue for Part I Serendipitous Encounters While good things often happen to us by chance they rarely occur three times in a row Searching for the truth about my husband s family proved to be the exception One day I was thumbing through a travel guide to Sicily looking for some information on a Trapani town for my cousin I stumbled on the city of...

  11. Profiles from the Four Corners

    from the June 2010 issue

    Part III Revelations and Future Goals Anyone who has worked with microfilmed Italian records at a LDS Family History Center knows that the foreign language is the least of his worries Darkened water damaged records are more of an issue Reading these records is further complicated by a scribe s poor handwriting No matter how good your vision use a magnifying glass Even then you may not be sure of the spelling of an unfamiliar name To remedy these problems before I asked poor Giovanni to retrieve Erice certificates for me I did a number of things First I ordered...

  12. Profiles from the Four Corners

    from the September 2010 issue

    As we begin another year of newsletters I am gearing up for another round of membership profiles to share with our readers This column Profiles from the Four Corners is really about members and their genealogical journeys toward discovering their ancestors The four corners refers to the fact that IGG has members from all parts of the world and we would like to encourage members from the various locations to share their stories with us This is the purpose of this column Take the time to write your family story your legacy to your children It would also be wonderful...

  13. Profiles from the Four Corners

    from the October 2010 issue

    This column is usually dedicated to profiling a current memb e r o f o u r I t a l i a n Genealogical Group This month I would like to dedicate this column to a member of our group that recently passed His name is Joseph Gazza and he had been a member of IGG since and hailed from Halesite New York I asked his daughter Jeannie to compose some thoughts about her father to share with our readers Joseph was so proud of his Italian heritage and especially his parents and what they accomplished in their lifetime...

  14. Profiles from the Four Corners

    from the November 2010 issue

    November is traditionally a time to remember our ancestors whether it be a religious commemoration like All Souls Day or a civic day like Veterans Day It is with this in mind that this month s profile focuses on Jack Rampulla a resident of New Hyde Park New York His wife Peggy is his soul mate and sweetheart Jack is a high school teacher in Queens County New York He has early childhood roots in the lower East Side of Manhattan and ancestral roots in Sicily I interviewed Jack and witnessed first hand the work he has done gathering documentation...

  15. Profiles from the Four Corners

    from the December 2010 issue

    This month s column is focused on a few select members of IGG our army of volunteers and our most recent members I write this column in the context of the Christmas season that is quickly approaching Let us also remember the true meaning of this season the birth of Christ His birth and life was the ultimate in paying it forward for all mankind The feast of St Nicholas on Dec th reminds us that the season of gift-giving and Santa Claus originally began with a real person a man who became a saint by paying it good deeds...

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