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  1. Profiles from the Four Corners

    from the March 2011 issue

    This month we feature Tara Trentalange Leopold who hails from Lakewood Ranch Florida but is originally a New Yorker from Staten Island She is married to Arthur Leopold and both are real estate brokers Tara writes a great story of her paternal grandmother which includes a episode at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory in This month marks the th anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire Here is an engaging story about her grandmother s connection to that infamous fire From aples to the ew York My paternal grandmother is the focus of my story Her name is Fortunata Adele Erminia...

  2. Profiles from the Four Corners

    from the April 2011 issue

    This month s profile features new member Rodolfo Rudy Ortega Columbus from Quito Ecuador Rodolfo was born in Guayaquil Ecuador but has been a naturalized citizen of the United States since having lived in New York City in the Gramercy Park area from to In he moved to Los Angeles but seven years ago returned to Ecuador He bought a colonial house restored it and is currently the proud owner of Villa Colonna Boutique Bed and Breakfast in Quito Check out its website at www villacolonna ec Rudy s interest in Italian genealogy stems from his mother s paternal family...

  3. Profiles from the Four Corners

    from the May 2011 issue

    Our monthly profile focuses on a new member of IGG Rosalie Griffin a resident of Waterbury Connecticut Rosalie and her husband Michael have been married for years and they have five children Rosalie is a retired public school teacher who is presently an adjunct professor of mathematics at Naugatuck Valley Community College Her husband is a retired newspaper reporter for the Waterbury Republican Rosalie has many fond memories of her maternal grandfather Carmine Santoro She was asked to share some of her documentation and memories about her grandfather Rosalie s memories go back to her elementary school days at Walsh...

  4. Profiles from the Four Corners

    from the September 2011 issue

    Welcome back to Profiles from the corners We can start with a wonderful article submitted by Chris Renz a Dominican friar and active member of IGG Chris has submit an article about his Italian roots on his mother s side as well as his fascinating interest in genetic genealogy Chris currently a resident of Berkeley California was born and raised in Teaneck NJ not far from North Bergen and Union City Hudson County where his parents were raised His love of and curiosity about the world around him led him to obtain undergraduate and doctoral degrees in microbiology After working...

  5. Profiles from the Four Corners

    from the October 2011 issue

    My Maternal Family Roots in Gombitelli di Camaiore Part II I have used this genetic genealogy research tool to research my paternal surname Renz Because the name was originally spelled Rentz it could be easy to miss connections between lines today especially if there are no extant records which indicate the spelling variation After I had my DNA tested and submitted it to an online database I received a message informing me that there was another member of the database with whom I was a near-perfect DNA match my genealogic doppelganger After contacting him I found that his family had...

  6. Profiles from the Four Corners

    from the January 2012 issue

    Latin was the language that preceded Italian so in honor of our ancestral language Felix sit annus or in Italian Felice Anno Nuovo or Buon anno or Happy New Year As we start the New Year I am making an annual appeal to members of IGG to consider sharing some aspect of your family research with our readers by submitting an article for publication Submitting your story will encourage our members in their documentation of their own family heritage and genealogy I have entitled this column From the Four Corners because I wanted to emphasize the fact that our membership...

  7. Profiles from the Four Corners

    from the March 2012 issue

    Carol Proven and her husband have daughters and five grandchildren She is a retired business owner and is still very active in the Patchogue Chamber of Commerce on Long Island NY About years ago she decided that she wanted to write her family history in story form and ever since that time she has been pursuing this venture She is also offering a course in genealogy at Saint Joseph College at the Patchogue branch This is a program sponsored by the School of Professional and Graduate Studies the Office of Continuing Education The course is entitled Who Are You An...

  8. Profiles from the Four Corners

    from the May 2012 issue

    This month one of our stories comes from IGG member Dexter Eustis and believe it or not he hails from Eustis Florida The Ribando Family from Villafrati in the Province of Palermo Sicily My brother-in-law Frank Clark was born in New York City to a taxi-cab driver of Maine-iac extraction and an Italian mother As the family genealogist I have known for some time that my sister s children and grandchildren included some who were interested in genealogy so I finally got tired of simply advising and got busy I subscribe to Ancestry com and so searched records that were...

  9. Profiles from the Four Corners

    from the May 2016 issue

    We welcome Rich Venezia as a new member of IGG Rich is a professional genealogist affiliated with the Association of Professional Genealogists APG This is an international organization dedicated to supporting those engaged in the business of genealogy through advocacy collaboration education and the promotion of high ethical standards The central office is located in Wheat Ridge Colorado with Chapters throughout the States as well as Western Canada Ontario Britain and Ireland Rich has established his own genealogical business Rich Roots Genealogy and his website is www richroots net This is what the APG says about him Rich Venezia started...

  10. Programs of the New York Public Library

    from the November 2016 issue

    Workshop-New York Records Online Get started in online research This hands-on workshop will demonstrate where to find New York State and New York City indexes and records Learn how to search free and subscription websites Expected duration is minutes The workshop is free and no advance registration is required Wednesday November PM Presenter Susan R Miller Location South Court Classroom A Please see www nypl locations divisions milstein for more programs and to confirm the program time Program is free New York Public Library Stephen A Schwarzman Building Fifth Avenue between th and nd Streets...

  11. Proposed Amended By-Laws

    from the April 2012 issue

    A vote on these proposed amendments to the IGG By-Laws will be held at the regular meeting of the Italian Genealogical Group on May Copies of the amended By-Laws will be available at the April and May meetings ARTICLE V-BOARD OF DIRECTORS and ARTICLE VI- OFFICERS These articles are deleted and are combined into a new ARTICLE V-OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS OFFICERS- Items - The new language describes the titles and nine as the number of elected officers eliminates the office of Co-President the qualifications to hold an elected office the term of each office and three as the number of...

  12. Protect Your Genealogy Data

    from the October 2007 issue

    July th was not a good day As a Florida resident I m accustomed to a lot of unusual weather During the summer hurricane season is always on people s minds and there is usually a strong downpour every afternoon around rush hour More often than not the rain is accompanied by strong lightning and thunder After all whether you know it or not Florida is the lightning capital of the world with more direct strikes per square mile than anywhere else As a result Floridians must be more attuned to protecting their homes appliances and electronic equipment than most...

  13. Protecting Data

    from the February 2008 issue

    Protecting Your Genealogy Data July th was not a good day As a Florida resident I m accustomed to a lot of unusual weather During the summer hurricane season is always on people s minds and there is usually a strong downpour every afternoon around rush hour More often than not the rain is accompanied by strong lightning and thunder After all whether you know it or not Florida is the lightning capital of the world with more direct strikes per square mile than anywhere else As a result Floridians must be more attuned to protecting their homes appliances and...

  14. Public Offices

    from the January 2015 issue

    Rome Italy-It seems that the Ancient Romans were largely responsible for the development of political bureaucracy Commendable innovation to be sure and necessity being the mother of invention quite understandable given the size of the Empire Trouble arises when you go to public offices nowadays to expedite some bureaucratic need You realize that while the Ancient Romans might have invented bureaucracy two thousand years ago their descendants haven t really been all that busy improving it much since then Cavernous labyrinthine spaces for the offices strange undecipherable signs indicating the official- unofficial office hours personnel who will direct you to...

  15. Public Presence "Hanging Out Your Shingle" or Social Networking

    from the June 2016 issue

    One of the most important goals is attracting new members into your group researchers and cousins You are encouraged to open your own website start a Facebook group establish a mailing email list or a newsletter Guild of One-Name Studies The Guild of OneName Studies is the worldwide center of excellence in one-name studies and promotes the interests of both the individuals and groups who are engaged in them Established in and registered as a charity in the Guild provides its members with the means to share exchange and publish information about onename studies as well as encouraging and assisting...

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