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  1. The Old Switcheroo Search

    from the February 2005 issue

    There are days when I'm researching my ancestors in indexes that I'd like to just to go berserk You know the feeling I'm sure You've tracked down evidence that has conclusively pointed to an event occurring in a particular place Yet when you start searching through the index there's either no information or when you finally find it you discover that it is not entered as you expected it to be I have learned over the years to maintain my composure more or less and to change my search strategy Instead of doing what we might consider a traditional search...

  2. The Origins of Italian Names

    from the March 2017 issue

    In general European surnames last names began during the th Century In Italy this method of identification only goes back about five or six hundred years to a time when it became fashionable The th to the th Century was the time span when the practice slowly began but last names were not legally required until much later Following the Dark Ages when Feudalism began to collapse merchant classes began to rise As the Renaissance established a foothold the nobility were no longer the only people interested in keeping track of heredity The history of these periods of time and...

  3. The Origins of Italian Surnames

    from the January 2005 issue

    In general European surnames last names began during the th Century In Italy this method of identification only goes back about five or six hundred years to a time when it became fashio nable The th to the th Century was the time span when the practice slowly began but last names were not legally required until much later Following the Dark Ages when Feudalism began to collapse merchant classes began to rise As the Re naissance established a foothold the nobility were no longer the only people interested in keeping track of heredity The history of these periods of...

  4. The Orphan Train Kids

    from the December 2012 issue

    In the mid s there was a problem that was getting continually worse in the large cities such as New York and Chicago among others Many children were living on the streets some of them just young kids with nowhere to live sleep or eat These kids eventually became known as Orphan Train Kids They were not necessarily orphans some of them had parent s Most of these children were from immigrants who came to American with their parents with a dream of a better life Life for these immigrants was very hard a parent may have died on the...

  5. The police census

    from the April 2009 issue

    ew York City s census substitute the police census Case Study The federal government has taken a census every ten years since and within recent memory every ten years the big cities complain that their population has been undercounted This is not just a twentieth-century phenomenon Soon after the enumeration of the federal census the belief grew in New York City that there had been a serious undercount Accurate population figures at this time as now were important in determining congressional representation In New York City consisted of what is now Manhattan and part of the west Bronx It was...

  6. The Road to Beginning Research

    from the December 2006 issue

    Joanne Heffernan a long-time Italian Genealogical Group member gave us an illuminating lecture last month on beginning your family history research What she told us would hold true for Italian Germans Irish and any other ethnic group It all starts with your own family and finding data in the United States records It is the key to successful research overseas She spoke about her own family and told how she obtained vital records for each of them to verify her own data Taking apart a marriage record she showed how each piece of information in it would lead to research...

  7. The Roseto Effect

    from the March 2014 issue

    In the early s there was a migration of Italian immigrants to the northeastern part of Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania The immigrants came from the comune of Roseto Valfortore Province of Foggia in the Region of Puglia Roseto was tiny square miles yet it had two major railroads crossing through the town The attraction for the Italian immigrants and the two railroads were the slate mines When the town was incorporated in it was Italian Doctors soon learned that something unusual was happening in Roseto Rosetans seemed to be nearly immune to heart disease at a rate only half of the...

  8. The Salesians in 1914

    from the May 2011 issue

    Salesians of Don Bosco Introduced into the United States in On January Italy was mourning over the death of Don Giovanni Bo s c o t h e g r e a t philanthropist and apostle of charity sometimes called the Nineteenth Century Guardian Angel of Youth Born at Castelnuovo d Asti in August he became a priest directing his best efforts to good works for young people He founded in rapid succession churches hospices oratories as well as day and night schools As his fame spread abroad he received calls from France Spain Switzerland and England even from America...

  9. The Second World Cholera Pandemic (1826-1849) in the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies with Special Reference to the Towns of San Prisco and Forio d'Ischia

    from the March 2016 issue

    Pascal James Imperato Gavin H Imperato Austin C Imperato Dr Pascal Imperato and his sons have published an original paper on the Second World Cholera Epidemic the first to reach Italy in the Journal of Community Health Dr Pascal a long-time family history researcher has written an account of this epidemic as it struck the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies his maternal ancestors home of origin This world cholera pandemic was significant because of its extent and the numbers of people who fell ill or died It demonstrated the level of ignorance in both Europe and North America concerning the...

  10. The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Genealogists

    from the January 2005 issue

    In Steven Covey formulated the groundbreaking list of Seven Habits of Highly Effective People They are - Be proactive - Begin with the end in mind - Put first things first - Think win-win - Seek first to understand then to be understood - Synergize - Sharpen the saw I work in a building that once housed Mr Covey's company I work with a guy who once dated his daughter Upon reflection I don't think that either of those experiences has given me any special insight into his mind I'll just do what I do all the time and say...

  11. The Sicilian Journey

    from the December 2016 issue

    Last month I attended a program entitled Italian Heritage Month at Nassau Community College One of the speakers was Professor Sal LaGumina from St John s University The professor spoke about the Sicilian Journey Sicilian is a Romance language spoken on the island of Sicily and its satellite islands It is also spoken in southern and central Calabria in the southern parts of Apulia and Campania on the Italian peninsula Most sources describe Sicilian as being distinct enough from standard Italian to be considered a separate language Some assert that Sicilian represents the oldest Romance language derived from Vulgar Latin...

  12. The Statue Of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, Inc.

    from the October 2014 issue

    We are excited to announce the launch of our redesigned website We have combined our previous websites for Ellis Island Statue of Liberty Wall of Honor and Flag of Faces into one -- www LibertyEllisFoundation org Best of all our new website will include new records We have uploaded arrival records for Ellis Island Port of New York for the years through About of those records are available now with the final installment near the end of the year You'll find family histories on the site too These are uploaded by Foundation Members and include photos and video If you...

  13. The Story about Italy's Wars

    from the January 2012 issue

    There were many Italian war heroes especially in the Great War ending in This year Italy celebrates years of independence In in Vienna there was a conference where all the sovereign participating winners including Napoleon Bonaparte divided the many small states in Italy Then at the end of the Great War Italy was united This was the war that created hunger and great poverty and many died from this poverty As a result many of our ancestors were tempted to emigrate to a new fortune in the Americas both North and South Then came Italy's second Great War in -...

  14. The Story of Italian American Internment during WWII

    from the September 2015 issue

    Benito Mussolini became Prime Minister of Italy in and later His Excellency Benito Mussolini Head of Government Duce of Fascism and Founder of the Empire March he added the position of First Marshal of the Empire through which he accrued leadership of the Italian Military Prior to this however in Mussolini invaded Ethiopia From that point on Mussolini and along with him all Italians living in the United States came under suspicion by the President and Congress of the United States These concerns were greatly extended when on May Mussolini joined with Adolph Hitler and the Axis powers in what...

  15. The Three R's of Researching Roman Catholic Church Records

    from the December 2016 issue

    Roman Catholic records offer a wealth of information for genealogists They are particularly useful when official civil records of key life events birth marriage or death are unattainable or unavailable Tracing these records for your Catholic ancestors can sometimes be challenging but worth the work Follow these three R s for research success Note This article focuses on researching Roman Catholic Church records in the United States When contacting Catholic churches in other countries you may find that accessibility availability and procedures may vary Registers Sacramental records are the first types of documents you should look for when researching your...

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