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  1. Tips for Salvaging Flood & Water Damaged Photos

    from the December 2012 issue

    When disasters hit most people don't mourn the refrigerator or the couch Instead the loss of precious family photographs scrapbooks and memorabilia is what brings them to tears While it may seem unlikely when facing piles of soggy mud-spattered photos papers and other valuables saving them may be possible by following a few simple steps Saving Water-Damaged Photos Most photos negatives and color slides can be cleaned and air-dried using the following steps Carefully lift the photos from the mud and dirty water Remove photos from water-logged albums and separate any that are stacked together being careful not to rub...

  2. Toni Anastasio McKeen

    from the December 2008 issue

    Marie Pastore introduced our guest speaker Toni Anastasio McKeen a Family Historian Genealogist from Connecticut She teaches genealogy courses in Ridgefield and is a guest speaker at various genealogical societies Toni travels regularly to Italy to visit her ancestral towns Her talk was entitled How to Grow Your Family Tree Toni has been doing her research for years and tries to Light the Fire in her lectures Toni listed and discussed the Reasons to explore genealogy Fun Inexpensive Rewarding it can be done in your Free Time you can Be Creative Learn About Yourself locate your Family Roots find New...

  3. Toni McKeen

    from the December 2009 issue

    Navigating Ship s Manifests Toni McKeen showed a Power Point presenta- tion on Ellis Island from immigrants crossing the ocean to through the inspection process with mov- ing photos She began her presentation by listing the important reasons we should look for immigra- tion documents She then covered the history of immigration to the United States which was broken down into eras If your ancestor ar- rived before the manifest if it exists at all will be extremely hard to find and even if found there would be little information on it be- sides a name An act of Congress...

  4. Top 12 Tips for Genealogical Research Success

    from the November 2004 issue

    of the button took me to the page with listing number for Guiseppe Marino I took a moment to note down the frame number at the bottom of the page so it would be easier locating Giuseppe in the future Ships Lists One More Tactic So now we have yet another way to mine this tremendous resource If you're one of the many who inherited an arrival tale such as Grandma came on a ship called the Moravia right after the turn of the century or he sailed from Copenhagen in you now have yet another powerful way to surf...

  5. Tour of the NYG&B Society

    from the September 2007 issue

    One of the hidden treasures of New York City is the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society and its resources for research On May th nine members of the IGG took a tour of NYG B located at East th Street between Lexington and Park Avenues Ned Smith the Director of the Library and Research Division gave our members a general orientation and introduced us to resources in both their library on the th floor and their technology center on the rd floor The members were then invited to be guests of the society and use any of the resources...

  6. Tour to Basilicata

    from the February 2009 issue

    The Craco Society Inc a non-profit corporation organized to preserve the culture traditions and history of the town of Craco Italy in partnership with Unitours has created an Italian heritage tour to Basilicata scheduled from April -May Participants will be immersed in the little known province of Matera and learn of the Greek and Roman influences that contributed to the area known as Magna Grecia After arriving in Bari the group will travel through Puglia to Policoro where they will be based at the four-star Oro Hotel Site visits are scheduled to Bernalda the ancestral home of Francis Ford Coppola...

  7. Translating Italian Civil Records

    from the May 2008 issue

    I recently started reviewing a microfilm reel of Civil Registrations from my father s Comune di Alfano Provincia Salerno After many years these records were finally microfilmed in by the LDS and are now available to genealogists The section of the reel I am reviewing contains Atti di ascita from the years to The records are all hand written no printed forms copies are hard to read and finding the correct spelling for every word is difficult I began by transcribing records into Microsoft Excel and with the help of Don Eckerle developed an Alfano look-up spread-sheet that was easily...

  8. Translating Italian Civil Records

    from the December 2012 issue

    One of our members recently asked if I could help in translating Italian documents I directed her to this article I have writt en whi ch appeared in the M a y Newsletter It s still relevant I recently started reviewing a microfilm reel of Civil Registrations from my father s Comune di Alfano Provincia Salerno After many years these records were finally microfilmed in by the LDS and are now available to genealogists The section of the reel I am reviewing contains Atti di Nascita from the years to The records are all hand-written no printed forms Copies are...

  9. Treasures from Toni

    from the February 2011 issue

    The Importance of Cluster Genealogy I always smile when I hear people say that they only want to trace their father to their grandfather and continue directly up to his ancestors They are not interested in their aunts and uncles or the siblings of their grandparents That is like doing genealogy with both hands tied behind their back and with a blindfold on Most likely your father or mother didn t grow up as an only child and neither did your grandparents Your family history is enriched with other family members who can help you to find the documents you...

  10. Twenty Ink

    from the February 2012 issue

    Bob and Linda Burgess graphic artists and photo restoration specialists made a very interesting presentation at the January meeting Their firm called Twenty Ink specializes in screen printing embroidery promotional products and photo restoration Linda took us through the photo restoration process First she analyzes the photo and determines what the customer is looking for She says that for best results the photo should be scanned at the highest resolution then she selects a size for printing She showed us a collection of some of her photo restoration work tint type prints from about the s an oval color print...

  11. Twenty-Five Places Where Your Family's Facts May Hide

    from the January 2005 issue

    Everywhere I go these days I find that genealogists are becoming savvier Most everyone who's been working on their family history for awhile seems to have exhausted the traditional birth marriage and death record resources Researchers are now expanding their quests by searching for alternative records and artifacts to help locate additional genealogical and historical facts I'm often asked for suggestions about where to search for these additional gems In Along Those Lines this week I want to share a list of twenty-five unusual places where your families' information might be hiding I prepared this list for a SeniorNet presentation...

  12. Two Family Traditions: Cupo-cupo and Morra

    from the January 2009 issue

    As I usher in another New Year and the older I get the more I think back to my childhood and appreciate and treasure my roots especially my family and our traditions Most of our traditions are the traditions shared by many Italian-American families I fondly remember stories of two practices in particular The first is a tradition that my great grandmother practiced that is the playing of a crude instrument called the cupo-cupo The second is the playing of a game called morra a tradition that we continue to honor at every family gathering My great-grandmother Carmela Palange Santoro...

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