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  1. The Westchester County Historical Society

    from the October 2014 issue

    One of the oldest historical societies in the United States the Westchester County Historical Society was established in by a group of prominent Westchester men who were passionately interested in history especially the history of Westchester County In the beginning membership was all male and by invitation only Today the Society's membership includes men and women from across Westchester and from nearly every state in the union as well as Canada Much of the Society's early activity consisted of gatherings where members would present historical papers they had researched Over time the Society amassed a substantial collection of reference and...

  2. The Year is 1904

    from the February 2005 issue

    the birthplace box This is a nice feature for these areas Birth Date Information Almost all cards include the day month and year of birth for the registrant A very few cards do not include this information Searching based upon birth date information should begin with the year only and then include the month if necessary based upon the number of search results obtained with just the year If you think John Smith was born in October of and for some reason his draft card says November of a search for October of will not return the desired card I...

  3. These Old Passport Applications May Hold the Missing Genealogy Info You Need

    from the June 2016 issue

    Many family historians are not aware of the fact that millions of passport applications were collected by the US Department of State between the years of and These applications are kept by the National Archives and Record Administration NARA and are packed full of personal information that can help you in your research such as birth date and location name of father or husband names of children occupation and much more In some case there are even photographs Don t think your US ancestor could have applied for a passport You might be surprised to hear that travel was actually...

  4. Thinking Italian

    from the September 2016 issue

    www thinkingitalian com facebook com ThinkingItalian...

  5. This is My Life

    from the November 2015 issue

    My name is Madeleine and I was born November in Massello Peimonte Italy near two cities Torino and Perosa My mother's name was Ann Payrut and my father's John Henry Tron My brothers were' Henry Jacque and Jule and my sister was Lydia In Italy at the age of my first job was milking cows for a neighboring family with whom I lived in the spring and summer and went home in the winter to go to school On our farm the summers were beautiful We would plant crops of wheat hay potatoes and vegetables and raise cows sheep pigs...

  6. This Underused Resource May Have the Family History Details You've Been Looking For

    from the March 2017 issue

    Recently I discovered proof of a thrilling family story in a very unexpected place I had looked for this proof on birth death and marriage records in the federal and state census and just about everywhere else I could think of that might contain the specific piece of information I needed Just when I thought I had exhausted all reasonable possibilities it turned up suddenly in a location I had only stumbled on by accident A city directory I ll admit I ve known about city directories as well as town and county directories for a long time I have...

  7. Three Little Words

    from the April 2004 issue

    The memory of a past experience just popped into my mind and I wanted to share it with you It has to do with those three little words I FOUND him Wow the excitement that's contained in so few words They're the words each of us has always wanted to say the words that are at the end of a long long road of searching for an elusive ancestor a road that has taken you years to travel the words that tell the world that your research has paid off There you sat--at a microfilm reader or poring over a...

  8. Tidbit from Freddie Guerra Jr. from Floral Park, NY

    from the November 2014 issue

    This information may be helpful to our members Have you tried Google Book Search Google s mission is to organize the world s information and to make it universally accessible and useful Google Book Search helps readers discover the world s books You can search through the full text of books on the web at http books google com I typed in my family surname followed by my ancestor s town of origin Guerra Commune Afragola Italy and three books on the Guerra family Perhaps you may find books on your family name and their town of origin...

  9. Tidbits

    from the June 2007 issue

    New Members for May Lori Petruzzelli- Touponse from Watertown CT is researching the family names of Petruzzelli from Sarno in the province of Salerno Campania family names of Ventura and Belsito from Briatico and Pizzo in the province of Vibo Valentia Calabria Insarda from Feroleto della Chiesa in the province of Reggio Calabria Limongelli and Pascale from Paduli in the province of Benevuto Campania Camille Albanese from Westbury NY is researching the family names of Fisichella and Calcagno from Ramacca as well as La Mela and Caltabiano from Adrano both villages located in the province of Catania Sicily Eugene Mariani...

  10. Tidbits

    from the September 2007 issue

    New Members for June July and August Our list includes their membership number their names and city of residence and only ONE surname they are researching and the village or town in Italy Province and Region If you want to research more check out our surname database on line William Dilibero Valley Stream NY Dilibero from Palermo PA SI Mario Toglia Valley Stream NY Toglia from Calitri AV CP Dolores Royere Woodhaven NY Silvestri from Palermo PA SI John P Ragusa Port Jefferson St NY Ragusa from Modica RG SI George Lentini Bethpage NY Lentini from Alcamo TP SI Mary...

  11. Tidbits

    from the October 2007 issue

    New Members for September Includes the membership number the name and city of residence and only ONE surname that they are researching and the village or town in Italy Province and Region If you want to research more check out our surname database on line Lanell Matsumura Panama City FL Martinat from San Germano TO PI Joyce Peretto Blakely Perrin TX Peretto from Northern Italy Ann DeLaurentis Massapequa NY DeLaurentis from Naples NA CP Paul Donovan Hicksville NY Fonte from Gravina in Puglia BA AP Laura Winterfeldt Brainerd MN Penighetti from Emilia-Romagna Marie and Bob Melchiori Vienna VA Guglielmo from...

  12. Tidbits

    from the November 2007 issue

    ew Members for October Pascal James Imperato of Manhasset NY Audrey Berghaus of NYC who is researching the surnames of Santoro Caravelli Lanza D Ercole and Ruggiero from San Fratello ME SI and Sora and Nolas NA CP and Viesti BA AP Noreen Romano of Ridgewood NJ who is researching surnames of Romano Pizzo Foresta Cappelletti Mauri Bozzoni and Lesecchi from Belmonte Mezzagno PA SI and from Villa Guardia CO LO and from Melzo MI LO Jan Graef of San Dimas CA who is researching the surnames of Iosca Camera Balsomo and Allegretti from Trivogno Potenza BA E-mails and snail...

  13. Tidbits

    from the December 2007 issue

    ew Members for ovember Theodore DeBlanco of Howard Beach N Y Stephanie Stellaccio of East Norwich NY researching family names of Florio and Mainiero Peter E Sesnick of Pine Brook NJ researching family names of Cerone Perillo Rita and Cristiano from Castelgrande Potenza Basilicata Gloria Auletta Bailey from Everett WA researching family surnames of Auletta Orlando Orlanda Odierno FGranca Mancuso Carillo and Perano from Sarno Salerno Campania Joyce Mazzochi of Paducah KY who is researching family names of Mazzocchi and Tufano from San Vitaliano A CP and DiPierro Bifano from Armento PZ BA and Bifano from Torraca SA CP and...

  14. Tidbits

    from the January 2008 issue

    Welcome to new member Jeffrey Bruzzo Lynbrook NY Jeffrey s family name Bruzzo has its origin from Sarrono a town located in the Province of Varese in the region of Lombardia Jeffrey learned about IGG from our website Donations A check for was given to the Genealogy Federation as a donation from the German Genealogy Group to be used for the ongoing NARA Heritage Preservation Program The check was mailed to IGG to be used toward the database project Also Anthony Lauriano from Valley Cottage NY has donated E-mails and Snail Mail Caren Henderson of Newburgh writes Fabulous job on...

  15. Tidbits

    from the March 2008 issue

    Welcome to ew Members Daniel Fossa from Mount Morris NY whose family surname has its origin in Gambellara in the province of Vincenza Veneto Henry Cali Stroobants from Bronxville NY and the Cali surname with ancestors from Gubbio in Perugia Umbria Barbara Zaccardi from Harpers Ferry WV who is researching the Zaccardi surname with ties in Roma Michael Luongo who resides in Massapequa NY with family ties in Paduli in Campania Joseph Cacopardo who has joined us from Fallbrook CA and has ancestors from Taormina in Sicily Gene and Georgene Bozzo from Mattituck NY who are researching the surnames of...

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