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  1. U.S. Military Discharge Documents

    from the December 2004 issue

    Recently I've been working with military discharge papers from the United States military from World War I World War II and from the mid- s It has always intrigued me how very much information is included in them and so in Along Those Lines this week I thought I'd discuss a little about each of these era's military discharge documents Twentieth Century Records Are Different I've spent a lot of time in years past working with Revolutionary War- and Civil War-era military service and pension records My ancestors on both sides arrived during the Colonial Era This is a good...

  2. Uncle Frank

    from the November 2008 issue

    This Memorial Day remembrance was submitted by Bill Amadio His Uncle Frank was born on April in San Georgio Albanese in Cosenza Calabria a small mountain village of about inhabitants Frank arrived in the US in at age Robert J Laplander has published a book Finding the Lost Battalion describing the events of Uncle Frank s story Frank DiGiacomo of Huntington Station served with the th Division First Battalion Company G Infantry Regiment He was an infantryman Mr DiGiacomo entered the Army on October and trained at Camp Upton in Yaphank On March the Division with a strength of men...

  3. Uncovering Your Italian Heritage

    from the October 2007 issue

    Tracing their origin back to the s when it became necessary to add a second name to distinguish between individuals with the same given name Italian surnames are especially easy to recognize because most end in a vowel and many of them have been derived from descriptive nicknames If you think your family name may have come from Italy then tracing its history can yield important clues to your Italian heritage and ancestral village Origins of Italian Last Names Italian surnames developed from four major sources Patronymic Surnames - These last names are based on a parent s name Pietro...

  4. United States Federal Censuses (Part I )

    from the March 2005 issue

    United States Federal Censuses Part I Information extracted from Article by William Dollarhide Genealogy Bulletin of AGLL Jan Feb June C DeLalio At our last Italian Genealogical Group meeting in February several people questioned the source of the indexes of the federal censuses They wanted to know who made the indexes for the federal census The following article written some time ago is still valid However as you know Ancestry com has done their own indexing for the including all names all names and all names but not yet completed census Heritage Quest did the head of household index for...

  5. United States Federal Censuses (Part II )

    from the April 2005 issue

    United States Federal Censuses Part II Information extracted from Article of William Dollarhide Genealogy Bulletin of AGLL Jan Feb June C DeLalio Federal Census The census is probably the source of the most comprehensive information you can obtain on families who lived at the end of the th century because many questions important to genealogists were asked It also has the most inclusive and accurate index of all the censuses Ancestry com has almost finished an every name index to this census as of this date The census is also available at www genealogy com Both of course can only...

  6. United States Federal Censuses (Part III )

    from the May 2005 issue

    Information extracted from Article of William Dollarhide Genealogy Bulletin of AGLL Jan Feb June C DeLalio Future Release of Federal Censuses The census was released in The will not be released until The Privacy Law prohibits the Census Bureau or the National Archives from releasing any information from censuses for a period of years There are exceptions to this law but the Bureau will only release information to you about the one line of the census that refers to you The and censuses will have no index Electronic computers were used for the census but the stability of that magnetic...

  7. Upcoming Events

    from the March 2010 issue

    Continuing with their efforts to save Our Lady of Loreto Church Dr Marilyn Verna and Mario Toglia will make two Power Point presentations this month The first presentation will be at the Garibaldi-Meucci Museum on Sunday March at PM and the second presentation will be at Christ the King High School on Saturday March at Noon The Garibaldi-Meucci Museum is located at Tompkins Avenue Staten Island and Christ the King High School is on Metropolitan Avenue Queens The title of the discussion is Laying Claim to a Monument Dedicated to Italian American History Our Lady of Loreto Church Tony Lauriano...

  8. Upcoming Events

    from the April 2010 issue

    Continuing with their efforts to save Our Lady of Loreto Church Dr Marilyn Verna and Mario Toglia will make a Power Point presentation at the John D Calandra Italian- American Institute on Saturday April and at Brooklyn College The title of the presentation is Laying Claim to a Monument Dedicated to Italian American History Our Lady of Loreto Church Tony Lauriano will be presenting his four lectures Writing the Family Story at Westchester Community College Tappan Zee High School and at the Pearl River Library The Westchester Community College lectures will be held on April and The Tappan Zee High...

  9. Upcoming Meetings

    from the February 2010 issue

    Bethpage Saturday February at AM Our topic will be Putting Flesh on the Bones of Your Ancestors by guest speaker Toni McKeen Toni says You've gathered the data Now learn how to make the information come alive Learn how to assemble a book about your relatives Westchester John Lozito will present Researching th Century Military Service Members This program will provide a framework for successfully uncovering military service information about World War II and th century conflict veterans The meeting will be held at the Westchester Italian Cultural Center Tuckahoe NY on Saturday February at pm Please note different time...

  10. Upcoming Meetings

    from the March 2017 issue

    Michael Cassara professional genealogist and IGG member will be our lecturer for March He will speak on various software programs for genealogy Founding member Marie Scalisi will speak in April and Andrea has announced that Joel Cole son of Trafford Cole author of Italian Genealogical Records will speak from Italy at our meeting in May Also Maryanne Yenoli reports that the IGG website updates are complete You can now join or renew your membership with PayPal or your credit card on our website...

  11. US National Archives to Offer Old Newspapers On Line

    from the January 2005 issue

    The government has announced that anyone with a computer will have access within a few years to millions of pages from old newspapers Available in will be the first of what's expected to be million digitized pages from papers published from through Anyone who's interested--teachers students historians lawyers politicians even newspaper reporters-- will be able to go to their computer at home or at work and at a click of a mouse get immediate unfiltered access to the greatest source of our history said Bruce Cole Chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities He announced the project in a...

  12. Using Ancestry

    from the November 2007 issue

    We all probably have at least one of them In my case there are several They re those families for whom you ve searched and searched and searched but are still unable to locate in the census You ve pulled out all the stops repeated the searches over and over and spent more late nights than you d care to admit trying to coax them to appear on the screen Yet they steadfastly refuse For those of us who have been researching for a long time we may know the tricks and think we ve tried it all but sometimes...

  13. Using Ancestry .Com

    from the September 2006 issue

    Using Ancestry com Turning Changes Into Results Well I'm back from a week away from the computer and wow how things can change in such a short time It was a week of changes at Ancestry com and I made a few changes around the house I wrote a bit about the Ancestry com changes this week on the blog While I was off I cleaned out the basement We had some storage issues that needed to be addressed so I hauled everything out and started going through things sorting tossing combining and generally putting things in better order When...

  14. Using Ancestry: Census Records

    from the January 2008 issue

    A recent Tip from the Pros on missing people in the census reminded me that all of us have occasional difficulties finding someone in the census This week we look at some common pitfalls that may cause us to overlook that relative Are You Looking in the Right Place Are you absolutely certain where your ancestors were living at the time of the census If your ancestors were extremely migratory they may be in an unexpected place It is possible that they lived in a place for such a short time that living family members have no recollection of the...

  15. Using passport records

    from the October 2009 issue

    This article is from the GS Magazine April- June issue the article is very timely in light of our discussion on passport photos at our May meeting Sharon Hodges provides a comprehensive passport story Genealogists looking for answers to questions about their ancestors commonly used documents such as deeds and census estate and vital records But sometimes less commonly used records such as passports prove to be very helpful Today we think of a passport being issued to someone only for overseas travel Early passports however were concerned with safe passage and the concepts of identity nationality and allegiance These...

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