February 2023

Especially Italian: Using NJ & PA Records to Improve Research Skills

Having researched Italian families for over forty years, I know the frustration of finding pertinent records in “the usual places” and I have had to wander beyond the big commercial sites. Information is out there, and you will find it with diligence, imagination, and a deeper understanding of HOW, WHERE, and WHY, focused on NJ and PA. This is an opportunity to “get out of your research rut, take a deep dive into data, get some research tips, and “sneak up on” those clever, hidden Italian ancestors.

Loretta has been researching Italians since the early-1980s: on-site in major cities, local repositories, in Italy, and online. She was mentored here, and in Italy, by the professional researcher Giulio Salemme, becoming proficient in the nuances, translations, and cultural derivations of Italian civil and church records.
Along with genealogical research services, she has provided seminars and workshops for private groups, libraries, and historical societies throughout northern Maryland and New Jersey; mentoring services for individuals; and volunteer services for the local Family History Center. She enjoys a private business translating Italian civil and Church records, plus providing genealogical and due diligence research.

Loretta Bonaccorso