March 2022

Making Sense of the Census

The U.S. census schedules are valuable records for the genealogist. This presentation focuses on the content and information provided by the various census years and the instructions to the enumerators. It covers tips for analysis of the information across the census years, including the tick marks of the pre-1850 census schedules, as well as preparation strategies for the release of the 1950 census.

Debbie Wilson Smyth has been researching her family since 1993 and holds a Certificate in the Genealogical Research program from Boston University. As the owner of Oak Trails Genealogy Services, LLC, she provides professional genealogical services in research, education, and consultation. Her research focuses on midwestern and southern states, methodology, lineage society applications, and DNA. Debbie is President of the Suncoast Genealogy Society and previously served on its Board of Directors. She is a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists, as well as a number of national, state, and local societies.

Debbie Wilcox Smyth