April 2021

Reading and Transcribing Italian Records

Italian records can be challenging to understand! Have you ever missed something important because you only got the gist of the record? Deepen your understanding of Italian genealogical sources and learn how transcribing is always worth your time.

Corey Oiesen works as a genealogist in a wide range of U.S., French, and Italian research and provides French and Italian translation. She works for Lo Schiavo Genealogica (http://www.italyancestry.com), offering Italian dual citizenship preparation. She is an instructor in Boston University’s Genealogical Research Certificate Program, having graduated from the Fall 2009 class and facilitated in the course since 2011. Her research roots stem from adoption and missing person research. She holds an M.B.A. from Georgia State and a B.A. from Virginia Tech. She has also completed the ProGen Study Group program and Excelsior College’s Advanced Practicum in Genealogy course. She serves as Communications Officer for the Association of Professional Genealogists and is a past board member.
photo of Corey Oiesen

Corey Oiesen