April 2022

What’s New with Reclaim the Records

After briefly reviewing the mission of Reclaim the Records, Alec will discuss the exciting new projects that have been pursued in the last year. Learn about RTR’s latest endeavors against the New York City and State Health Departments for access to vital records; hear an update about the fight against USCIS’ egregiously high genealogy fees; and see what else is coming down the pike!

Alec Ferretti is a New-York-City-based professional genealogist, who works for the Wells Fargo Family & Business History Center. Alec specializes in the genealogy of 20th century immigrants to the United States. He serves as the President of the New York Genealogy & Technology Group, was recently elected to the Board of Directors of the Association of Professional Genealogists, and serves actively on the Board of Reclaim the Records.
Alec Ferretti

Alec Ferretti