September 2022

Writing Family History – Turning Research into Shareable Stories

Here’s the problem. Your family doesn’t want your research stuff. First, it appears at least on the surface, they’re not interested in your family history. No one is stepping forward to say I’ll take your endless boxes of genealogy files. There’s a couple of reasons for that. They want stories to come to them in an easily shareable manner. A book with a collection of family stories they can put on their coffee table or display on a bookshelf is much more likely to appeal to them. It’s also likely to get read and shared. 

Lynn Palermo is a writing & accountability coach helping family historians turn their family history research into shareable and entertaining stories. Also known as the Armchair Genealogist, for the past 10 years, Lynn has coached thousands of students through her signature writing programs in the Family History Writing Studio.
Lynn Palermo

Lynn Palermo